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  1. 1 year and 3 days. Could have been 10/11 months but we had to wait for some documents.
  2. There's no hard definition and its understandable confusing. We went through the several leaves looking for something to certify the options that we had or were willing to undertake: foreign employment and assets (for my spouse mostly). We found that certifying the assets would bring so much headache that we abandoned the idea after some months. I worked, but my income was not up to the threshold required to file taxes per year and i was going back and forth to visit my husband so..the idea of constant employment was... There are so many gray areas and very little guarantees in the document save certain numbers such as the poverty guidelines. Even then, just meeting the $20575 is not enough. You have to earn above that (without a joint sponsor) to be approved/granted at the embassy. W2 is an indication that you currently work. Your tax docs show you have a history of maintaining a standard of living good enough to accommodate another person.IF YOU MADE (MORE THAN) THE REQUIRED AMOUNT: It doesn't matter that your employment ceases when you move back home, it matters that you filed taxes in those years abroad and you met the threshold.
  3. Honestly, it wont. From MY experience, you have to show tax documents and W2s with the former being paramount. I didn't have either so i got a joint sponsor. You either have to wait and file taxes for the next year or..find a sponsor. Does your spouse work currently?
  4. We bid adieu sir but here you are. This post is NOT a continuation of that post. BUT, you got here 11 YEARS BEFORE ME so that gives you the right to establish causality wherever you wish. You would see normal responses and good answers in that post because, as you have shown, you are a rude person and as the owner of the blog/forum, you have the right to express your attributes whenever and wherever you wish. My thread asked a question which i got from a gathering i was in from a young person who expressed a desire to visit places. Like the swish of a wand, you assumed it was an absurd plan to get my relative into the US. I never said EVERY POST is toxic but you wrote that i did so. I didn't post this topic as a follow up of my post but you said i did so. You have made grand assumptions, cast aspersions AND proceeded to brandish the exact toxicity the post was put up to address. Since you are the owner of the site, nothing i can do but swallow the waste. Hail Nitas!
  5. Youre right. Life is pretty black and white. All cases follow simple lines and those who step outside the lines we all know, deserve what's coming to them.
  6. Strange thing about this tangent is, i am the OP and i never said anything about what he has ASSUMED i said. Amazing.
  7. ''....the thread i am assuming you are whining about.'' EXACTLY MY POINT. Do better. Goodbye.
  8. See, you're very rude. I dont suffer people like you gladly. You replied to MY POST. I didnt send this to your DM so my response to your response cannot be UNWARRANTED. My post is about EVERY non-immigrant post and the toxicity they generate on this site. That you have concluded that i have '' absurd plans to get relatives over to the US is indeed foolish.'' If you get off being rude to people on this site, welcome. You will not pass that over with me. If you do not want anymore ''unwarranted'' replies, LEAVE OFF. WHICH OP?! Whose POST? Did you miss your way?
  9. ''Help'' Alright sir. Thank you for your ''help''.
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