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  1. He's army too, but yeah I already know they will never approve it
  2. I live in Italy, so k1 in normal times does not take that long from what I saw...
  3. I was actually thinking of Croatia Thank you so much!
  4. I was actually thinking about that too, spending 14 days away and then go see him, this can be an option I guess
  5. In italy same, they told me it takes about a month to get married and that's something impossible for him. What a terrible situation, months ago I thought it would get over by summer
  6. Spouse visa has for sure a lot more benefits than K1. I think the military won't let him go to a third country which makes it harder
  7. I was in the US with him in March, then Europe started closing borders and I had to rush back home, at least we got to meet
  8. Only thing is that my fiancé is in the military so I cannot go to the US to get married because of the travel ban (and then apply for the spousal visa) and it's even harder for him to come to Europe. It's such a mess
  9. Do you think it is still a good plan to file for K1 during these times or just wait for the situation to improve?
  10. Hi! I am currently working in Poland but planning to go back to my home country ( Italy) in a few months. For the I-129, is it okay if I put my physical address the one in Poland, where I live at the moment, as mailing address the one in Italy where I will be and as embassy Naples? Is it a problem if I move country after filling or just wait until I am home? Thank you.
  11. Thank you! I will get my temporary residence, so it should be fine, in case I guess I'll just fly back to Italy.
  12. Hi, I am getting super confused, I am italian but living and working in Poland, I just want to make sure I can go to the Embassy in Warsaw instead of flying back to Italy. Do I need to have a permanent residence or even temporary is fine ? Since I am EU citizen... Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone! I need some help, I am Italian and currently living and working in Poland (less than a year for now), am I required to present the italian and polish police check? My residence is still in Italy. And also, for the interview in my case, will it be done in an american embassy in Italy or Poland?? Thank you in advance for your help.
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