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  1. I was born in Ukraine and would like to get a Ukrainian passport in addition to my American one. I don't need it too badly, but my thinking is that it can't possibly hurt. From what I gather, no one has ever reported actually getting any fines or serious trouble for having two passports, even though technically Ukraine "does not recognize" dual citizenship (though it cannot "prohibit" it in any meaningful way). Here is the gist: I have my birth certificate and a long expired Child's Travel Document. I was too young to have an internal passport when I left. I don't travel to Ukraine very often. Like twice in 10 year. If I have to physically go to Ukraine to get this done, I will just let this idea go. It appears that there is a process to submit the application through an embassy ( http://dmsu.gov.ua/posluhy/dokumenti-dlya-vijizdu-za-kordon/710-vydacha-pasporta-hromadianyna-ukrainy-dlia-vyizdu-za-kordon mentions it), but it also looks like an internal passport is needed. Has anyone done something like this?
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