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    Ok Esam and I met online in a group I had started online for a friend. He was respectful and so very nice not to mention handsome as all get out! We talked non stop day and night till I agreed to let him call me. Few months later my daughters and i flew to jordan to stay with him as his guest. He asked us to marry him after a month while we were in Petra (yes I said us as my girls and i are a package deal).

    I went to the lawyer three weeks ago to start the process as I dont want to screw things up. (he really wishes for us to go live in Jordan but I feel it is better for my girls to be here in the USA) I am waiting for his bio page to come here so I can submitt all the papers.

    Even though with the sale of my house I have a substantial amt in the bank, it is NOT 5 times the amt needed. I am self employed and fall beneith the amt needed for the support thingie. I have myself and my two daughters, he has himself and his daughter. So I think we need a cosponser... not sure on that one.

    So I battle between wanting to be with him there as he wishes and staying here. Life is never boring.
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