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    I am interested in having the opportunity to face the Immigration Services and getting my husband here. Especially after this madness that we are all journeying therough. Well, most of us anyway.<br /><br />I am also interested in improving my businaess from home that I jaust started this year, si Incha' Allah, that will be a sucess. I want to be my own boss. So far so good. On the days I need t oget out of the house, I call the medical agencies and let them know that I am available to put in a few days in a hospital or clinic that may be short staffed.<br /><br />When I want to relax, I'll get a movie. Probably a scary one. I love bone chillers, horror, sci-fi. I'll take Stephen King and X-files over a lovestory or drama, ANYDAY! So, yeah, it's a movie or a book. I'll read a book if I want some peace and quiet. I love the museums too. Right now, they have an exhinit called Body Worlds. It is totally amazing!

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    Our story..... Iy's pretty simple. I met my husband and we fell in love with each other. He is supportive and cares for me a great deal. I have not had this from any other relationship I have had. He does more for me from the other side of the globe than I thought possible. He is my strength and I am his. We have to be, yesterday, today, 2mrw and forever. I love him!

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