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  1. Thank you so much Wuozopo and Pitaya for your thoughts; I think I’ll keep the documents virtually for now!
  2. Hi all, I have a lot of marriage documentation from my N400 submission that covers the time between submitting my I751 and the N400. Is there any downside to reprinting that documentation and sending it proactively to the I751 address (for me, VSC) asking for it to be appended to my I751? Would it delay processing of my I751? My I751 hasn’t been transferred to my Local Office with the N400 despite a few months passing since N400 submission (June 2019). My intention would be to just avoid requests for additional documentation due to time having passed since submission of the I751 in August 2018. As far as I am aware, I don’t have any missing documentation from my original I-751 submission. However, I included photocopies of our statements from friends attesting to our relationship rather than the originals. Thoughts?
  3. I guess we should be grateful that it isn’t just one of us! Thank you for providing your experiences that we are in the same boat (USS Ambiguity) - I hope it changes soon!
  4. Hi all, VSC filer here from early August 2018 (EAC1821*). Are there any other August 2018 filers still being shown the following on the USCIS Case Status webpage? (particularly VSC filers but I’m sure other Service Centres will see it too!): FYI: I am being shown “Case was Received” on the USCIS My Account webpage from the day by application was received. I had my fingerprints taken in September 2018 (and again for N400 more recently). Based on a (biased) visual check, most of the I751 cases around my EAC182* case number are on RFEs or “Card is being produced” in the past 30 days (and especially in the past few days). Hope everybody is extra well!
  5. Went for biometrics today. Case Status website updated within minutes to “Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS”. (Less than 15 minutes after fingerprints and signature and photograph were taken). No such update on my USCIS account which still reads that my Biometrics has been scheduled. In the USCIS account, the case completion date has updated by moving a month earlier though. Others have similar experiences or different?
  6. It is on my case on MyUSCIS, to the right of Case History tab for my case. It only appeared after Biometrics appeared; it was not there initially.
  7. Lovely to meeeeet everybody! Having e-filed N400 yesterday afternoon (June 28th 2019), I got an email overnight telling me that the "We scheduled your biometrics appointment". That was unexpectedly quick! I don't have the letter yet - and it isn't showing up in my 'Documents' tab yet on myUSCIS. I'll update when I have the details. My I-751 Removal of Conditions from marriage is still pending. Showing as 'Estimated case completion time' as 'April 2020 (10 months). I don't know the exact office yet - this will presumably be on one of the letter. However, I live in the Washington DC/Northern VA area. I'll add to the spreadsheet when I have all that information confirmed. I guess a question for the group who have kept better apprised fo this all recently: are these 'Estimated case completion time' dates accurate? I get that they're a prediction. In reality though... do we expect the date to get delayed to slip, or to speed up? I'm trying to set my expectations.
  8. Just applied via IOW (online application) this past hour! Looking forward to hanging out with you all virtually as we go through this!
  9. I am in the same situation :( Case Status shows cannot find message likes your; MyUSCIS Account says Case Received; biometrics were taken way back in late August less than a month after filing.
  10. Ello ello ello. Hopefully not a silly question so please don't berate me if it is haha! I'm going to be using Global Entry program with my Green Card for the first time soon (previously, I used Global Entry using my passport under the Visa Waiver Program). When using the GE Kiosks, which way up do you place you green card? The photo side facing down? Or the photo side facing up? How far do you slide it along the scanner? I was so used to doing it with the passport! I hope this isn't a silly question! I don't want to get the 'X' just because I've placed the card the wrong way around! Simon. P.S. The reason why I'm confused is because I don't know which side the scanner is interested in, the photo side or the side with the barcode.
  11. Hi all, A terribly minor question about the G-325A for adjustment of status from a K1 Technically, I'm going to have two addresses. The first line had "Present Date" written in on the form already. I presume that it is okay for me to write in "Present date" for the other address too. The only reason I bring it up is that I don't know if these forms are read in using some form of optical character recognition software. I wouldn't want the form to get rejected by the software due to something so minor. I've included a mock up of what I mean in the attached picture. Simon.
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