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  1. awww man u guys :(

    all I can say and this comes with personal experience in mind ........we all endure. seems daunting some days but what we learn from life's struggles does pay off in the end. at least that's what i keep telling myself and hope to god its true.

    I wish you both all the best

  2. I think what scares off potential sponsor's is the fear they will be held responsible for your living expenses under any circumstances. For instance if you cant pay your rent credit card bills etc.......the sponsor would not be held liable to those creditors.

    An affidavit of support is a contract between the alien's sponsor and the U.S. government that says, "if the applicant can't support himself financially then the sponsor will - not the government". In practice this means that if the applicant receives cash benefits for income maintenance purposes the sponsor is liable to reimburse the government.

    Who is a Public Charge?

    There are only two bases on which the government may see you as a public charge:

    reception of public cash assistance for income maintenance purposes, including

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI),

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), excluding some supplementary cash benefits and all non-cash benefits,

    State and local cash assistance programs for income maintenance (General Assistance)


    institutionalization for long-term care at government expense.

    Short term institutionalization for rehabilitation does not count.

    Who is not a Public Charge?

    The government does not see you as a public charge if you have received any of the follwing.

    Health care benefits such as Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Food Stamps, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), National School Lunch and Breakfast programs and other supplementary or emergency food assistance programs.

    Housing assistance.

    Child care services.

    Energy assistance.

    Emergency disaster relief.

    Foster care and adoption assistance.

    Educational assistance, including benefits under the Head Start Act and aid for elementary, secondary, or higher education.

    Job training programs.

    In-kind, community based programs, services, or assistance (such as soup kitchens, crisis counseling and intervention, and short-term shelter.

    IMPORTANT: Not all types of cash assistance received mean that you may be considered a public charge. The government only considers cash benefits intended for income maintenance purposes. There are programs that provide cash benefits for special purposes which are not income maintenance and thus not considered for public charge purposes. These 'safe' cash programs include: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), transportation or child care benefits provided in cash under TANF or the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), and on-time emergency payments made under TANF to avoid the need for on-going cash assistance

    My income was not sufficient to meet the income level for support and we used my husband's Canada Forces pension(non US income) to supplement the shortfall without issue. I think the problem with foreign income arises when it is the sole source of income support, but again, that's just my guess based on our experience verses experiences others have had when trying to use foreign income.

    Good Luck

  3. Hub's g/c finally came too.

    He activated his CR-1 on Dec 20 and about 6 weeks later the g/c showed up. No welcome letter and poor Purgie is wrecked with grief over it <chortle>

    On a side note , he never did get his SSN via the check the box option on the DS-230. I called the local office and they said they had never heard of that option ......guess they dont read their interoffice memos or their own website ( idiots)..... anyway ......he applied for it on Feb 14 and got it by the 26th.

    So we too are good for a couple years-ish. I already filled out the I-751 and saved it on the puter. I know its silly but it made me feel prepared . The friggin form will prob be expired by 9/20/2009 but hey it's my neurosis and the Easter Bunny and I are happy with it :whistle:

  4. I would seriously question the Gardasil requirement. Only one state, Texas, is making it manditory and their state legislator is pushing to have the governor's ruling overturned. Some other states are pushing to make laws for the requirement but so far it isnt the case. Even if certain states make it a requirement, that doesnt affect Federal Law requirements until the Fed Govt makes it so.

    Personally I wouldnt force my daughters to get the shot as it hasn't been out and in use long enough to fully understand the long-term potential problems associated with it's use..........need I mention Vioxx?

  5. the nvc sent us an rfe for 2 things i know we sent. then when i called and said i know i sent them , i got " well then what u sent wasnt what we wanted obviously". so i resent the same docs and low and behold they were accepted.

    nvc screws up and unfortunately we cant do anything about it 'cept be p.o.'d. bite the bullet , get anohter b/c and who knows maybe by some freak stroke of luck they'll happen onto it in the file and no time will be lost.

    best to ya

  6. other things may include;

    life insurance beneficaries,

    shared health or auto insurance( at minimum listing the other as an authorized driver),

    naming the other on a "payable upon death" statement for a bank account,


    piggybacking on each others credit card,

    cancelled checks or money order receipts for money exchanges,

    letters from friends/family,

    mail/cards addressed to both of you,


    phone bills,



    atm and credit card receipts from visits

    Good Luck :)

  7. First of all let me say how truly sorry I am for you. Best or worst case scenario~ it's scary.

    If it were me , I would keep the interview. At the very least get in there and let the consulate decide the outcome. Upon denial you are given the chance to offer further information to change the decision at a later date, but you'll have at least attended the interview and will know what their decision is and what you have to do to be approved if it's possible. Depending on the diagnosis and the prognosis of you situation there is still a possibility of approval. Delaying the interview will not change the outcome but it will offer you more insight to to the possibilities. Even with your best case scenario, approval of the visa may be out of the question but only the consulate can decide that.

    Read this link and see what you think.....


    I wish you all the best


  8. Something else to consider as an option is the possibility of having your interview moved to Vancouver if having an address in Regina qualifies you to do so. Ive not kept up with the timings regarding Vancouver recently but in the past it was a sure bet to getting a quicker interview. Also, something Im not sure of, is the ease of doing so once packet 3 has been returned to the consulate....definately worth some research though. There is a possibility of next day pick up in Vancouver .......I THINK ...not sure though ( at this point you must be wondering why Im typing since Im really unsure overall ;) )

    The only real concern with moving while having a case pending is the risk of not having mailings ( RFE's, appt letters etc )reach your current address so Lance's advice about doing both options is a good one to cover both bases.

    The liklihood of having a k-1 issued out of Montreal the following day is slim if any. They will offer the CR-1 for next day pickup , I think due to the fact that people need their passport to travel back to the states.The advice they give is not to make travel plans until you're assured of getting the visa. Sux big time I know but they do their thing their way.

    Best of luck to you whichever way it goes

  9. another point that's being missed here is the work thing.

    if you intend to work while in the US for a US company or as a self emplyed person , even though online , you may not do that until you obtain EAD(Employment authorization doc).

    If you're earning monies from US sources , ya gotta have the authorization.

  10. When I was living in Canada and using my North America's Choice plan through Verizon, from time to time I incurred some roaming charges. I called to gripe and was told there is no roaming around most major cities but not totally "roaming charge free" in Canada. Originally I had a National plan plus Canada where I had literally no roaming anywhere in the US and Canada but didnt offer any night minutes, only 2000 weekend minutes.When they wooed me to switch to the all improved North America's Choice plan ( National plan was ending) they said it would "better"........I didnt think the surprise roaming charges were better and the fact they wouldn't comp them since they werent clear about what the roaming possibilities were, I was even less impressed. Anyway Im still with Verizon and have a family share plan ........however when I wanted to get a phone for my husband to use in Canada , I was told that calling would be charged against our regular minutes and not our unlimited "IN" minutes as the phone would not be being used in our home area. So I dunno , maybe I got wrong info.......I would make a phone call before signing a contract and explain exactly what u want to accomplish.

  11. My income for the affidavit of support was a wee bit short for our household of 5. We included my husband's Canadian Forces pension on the affidavit and the consulate didnt blink an eye. My hunch where Colin Wilson's problem derived from was ( and this is just a guess) their income was solely foreign income/assets. Ours was 98% US and 2% foreign.

    I did however prepare 3 additional I-864's as a means to cover all my bases. On each different one I included different sources of income and or assets.....1) my income alone 2) my income plus my assets(including all bank accounts) 3) my income plus my assets plus my husbands assets in Canada (including bank accounts). Didnt need any of them.

    I have to add that at the NVC level there was some misunderstanding on their part as to what was required. They sent a letter after case complete saying that my husband completed an I-864A and therefor needed to take, to his interview, his 2006 US income tax return or a letter stating why he wasnt required to file one. First of all he never did complete an I-864A and wasn't required to as the intending immigrant. It was simply a mistake on the part of whomever it was that reviewed the file. It was never mentioned at Montreal but it sure did cause me some concern regarding what to do about it before hand.

    The issue of continuing work in Canada has been discussed here and there for awhile a now. There are some who are of the opinion that it isn't the best idea to do so as it will leave the impression with the US govt that you really dont have the full intent to immigrate. On that opinion I respectfully disagree. I am of the personal opinion that the US gov't doesn't really give 2 hoots about where you work as long as you're supported and they get their share of the tax.......period. As Neiks stated , there are plenty of folks crossing the border for work... both Canadian and American. It wouldn't make logical sense to me, to leave a good job you can easily get to after immigrating for... no job?

    The opinions expressed here are those of the author and in no way represent legal advice :P

  12. I was personally impressed at the willingness of Montrealers to speak english to me when i said I wasnt french speaking. Not single slight in the crowd........from each store/restaurant/hotel to passersby on the street.

    :thumbs: Montreal!!

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