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  1. Quarknase, we live in the next towns of each other. I don't know how the zipcode/field office works out. We are both in Central Jersey. Mount Laurel had the same day oath ceremony. Newark had same day oath ceremonies if you had your interview by a certain time of the day....my friend had her oath ceremony on a different day because her interview was later in the afternoon. They did not have the time to print the naturalization certificates printed out in time for the last oath ceremony of the day. Newark had multiple oath ceremonies in the day when we interviewed in Feb 2020.
  2. Marimar04, we had our interview about 1 week apart.
  3. We filed in May 2019 at the Newark Field Center.... our interview was in Mount Laurel in Feb 2020, while my friend who filed along with me had her interview at Newark. No clue why one office over the other for any of us. All the best to all new filers in this thread.
  4. Srdan, try contacting your local congressman for help with this matter. We asked our local congressman for help in our petition, and we got status updates from USCIS through the congressman's office three times before our case got adjudicated. Good luck with your petition.
  5. I had my travel dates handy on a piece of paper, but didn’t need it. USCIS officer had my travel history from CBP open on her computer and just asked me to confirm the information. I took our tax filing for last 3 years along, but wasn’t asked for that paperwork. Just asked if we owed any taxes.
  6. My timeline was similar - filed on May 21st2019... interview in mid Feb 2020. It followed the projected date of completion to the dot in my case.
  7. @RunTheRoad, the case status shows "we have approved your application". No sign of her letter for the naturalization ceremony. It will be a week tomorrow. Hope all these hiccups are resolved soon.
  8. Did anyone have a delayed oath ceremony at Newark recently? How many days later was your oath ceremony? Asking for a friend who interviewed on Feb 20th 2020 at Newark, but didn't have her oath ceremony the same day due to some issues with printing of naturalization certificates. Thanks for any inputs.
  9. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience in detail.
  10. Fellow Vjers, One of our family got their green card some two years back. She arrived on a visitor visa and her US citizen son petitioned for her during her visit. They engaged a lawyer who told them to file the green card application after six months of the lady arriving in the US. Is there a reason to wait for six months after date of arrival to the US? Please share your experience....we have a visiting parent who arrived on tourist visa, and we would like to petition for their green card. Thanks, N
  11. Thanks, Tootak! We had asked our congressman to help with our I-751 case after waiting several months. Their office took a few weeks to get us an update from USCIS. Hope your congressman's office is able to help you soon! Good luck again.
  12. N had her N400 interview and she is now officially a US citizen. 🇺🇸😃
  13. N is now a US citizen. 🇺🇸The officer just did the N400 interview and asked for a bunch of documents to be submitted along towards our application and waived the i751 interview after discussing with the supervisor. Glad to finish this journey with the USCIS.
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