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    omg..where do i start. i met my soulmate/husband on the internet..thank god for the net!!!!! we spoke with each other every day (several times a day) for over a year before we decided to meet...we met a year ago in april and it was everything we knew it would be. my children adore him as well as my family and my friends. he is truly the love of my life. he has been here 3 times staying with me for the limited 3 months each time and this last time we decided we wanted to get married and it was the best decision we ever made. i love him so much and all of this visa stuff is making me so worried that i cant hardly sleep at night. i have 2 children and im a teaching assistant and work in the after school program at our school. i still fall short of the poverty level. with my child support checks it makes me right on it which im unsure that i can use(if anyone knows anything about this please let me know!!) we have enough money in the bank to make-up the difference for the 5 year rule thing. will this be enough? if they could understand that i have absolutely NO bills...i have lived in my grandparents house which my parents own since 1989 rent free. my car is paid for and i have no credit cards and no paymetns on anything. so wouldnt that make some difference. my husband is an IT consultant and webpage designer and does tons of voluntary work at my school and they are dying to employ him as soon as it is possible...so please..if anyone reads this and has any knowledge of our situation could you help us please?....and in return we have said that if we make it thru all of this we will help anybody we know of going thru all of this also as it is all very confusing and scary sometimes..........thank you to anyone ithat is reading this and can help me out on this one..this is my life and my happiness on the line and im scared to death!!!!.........susan oneill

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