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  1. just got the kids passports delivered at the same time, you don't need to apply one kid at a time you just need to copy the Naturalization certificate of mother, their green card or foreign passport that ha I-551 for both of the kids and need to notarized each copies and send with the application, you don't need to send the original anymore just the certified true copy. its work.
  2. Hi just apply for passport for your kids using your naturalization certificate thier birth certificates and the Philippines passport that had I-551 make a copy each of it for both of your kids then you need to notarize every copies to make certified true copy from original, I got notarized mine in the city office for free,
  3. You can apply 3 passport at the time but you need to copy you naturalization certificate and the green card or foreign passport that had I-551 for both kids and and their birth certificate all copies need to notarize to become certified true copy from original, for both applications. That what I missed at that time I was apply for 3 passport. Now i recieved my kids passport it delivered at the same time, so no need to apply 1 passport at a time.
  4. it was also happen to me I applied 3 passport in the post office for me and for my 2 kids and its on 1 package assisted by post office personnel who did the application process then after 2 weeks I received a letter for my two kids requesting for my original citizenship certificate and their green card or pass port that had I-551. they are serious my Citizenship certificate is already there, then after 3days I received an email that my passport is approved and its already on the way but my evidence will takes 2 weeks to arrived so I wait for my certificate to arrived and make a copies for two kids and their passport went to a notary public to certified true copy on it for both of them and send it to NPIC, because I don't want to send my original certificate and their passport or green card back to them, they already not send my original birth certificate back, until now their passport are still on process but I did not receive any letter again that said they need additional requirements.
  5. I do believe that N-600 are optional in the case of my kids, its only for the minor that still outside in the US at the time of naturalization, passport is enough evidence for citizenship, State Department will not issue the passport if your kids are not qualify through verification in USCIS
  6. They are not yet Citizen by that time, your son and his father need to apply for naturalization if they are qualified at this time to become US Citizen since your son is already 19yrs old
  7. your son father is already naturalized? if not, your son is not US citizen yet.
  8. is your son's father born US citizen or naturalized citizen?
  9. just bring your green card and the notice of oath taking ceremony form that you need to fill out, the oath is only for you, children not included, minor children will automatic Citizen after your oath taking, Me I just send my pass port application together the application for my 2 minors sons. CONGRATULATION 😉👍
  10. I just copy all my tax return every year, no questioned about it during my interview, and approved
  11. They only need the passport to prove how times you was travel outside from United state and the exactly date, they will ask you how many time and what the date you travel, the officer hold and open your passport to see if its true
  12. not really if you already had a 10yrs green card, my driver license was expired 2 times and its was based on my CR-1 and the extension letter of my ROC, when I got my 10 years Green card my DL expiration date is within 4yrs and already base on my birth date
  13. The USCIS clerk will tell all the oath takers to fill up the form before they will take it with a 10yrs green card and you need to put the city where the oath taking ceremony held not the city where you live I got mistake for this I was filled out at house then put my city because it said on the form the city where you signed it, so I need to crossed out and put my initial on it. congrats
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