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  1. Hi bunny123. Did you try to track your receipt number on the uscis status track? my receipt number is not working and still did not receive anything from uscis.

  2. Hi Shai, I'm in the same boat. I haven't received any information for biometric. I applied at CSC. Where did you apply?
  3. I did some research online and came to a conclusion that you can still work even if your GC is expired. Although your physical Green Card may expire, your lawful status as a U.S. permanent resident does not. Also, i read some where that once you have a green card you hold legal status in the U.S. until you abandon or lose it. Since, we already filed for I-751 and it has not been declined, we didn't loose legal status so we can still work in U.S.
  4. I have the same concern. They received the package on June 4th and green card expires July 16th. Anyone know if you can still work?