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    My boyfriend and I met while traveling in Ireland last year. I returned to the US and he surprised me by showing up about 6 weeks later and has been here ever since! He entered through the VWP. His 90 days expire in 3 weeks. We were going to get married immediately and then file for AOS in the US but learned two things: (1) it takes forever; and (2) he cannot leave the US for significant times while to AOS is processing. SO, I got on this site and learned about DCF, which saved the day!

    He is planning on leaving the US before the 90 days expire and re-entering after that time with the hopes of obtaining another VWP 90 days. We are going to delay the wedding as I think it will hurt his chances of being re-admitted. We are not lying, though--he and I plan to leave for Oz to do the DCF before the 90 days expire and then he will re-enter with a GC (i will only have a week in Oz so we will have to have our ducks in line before we leave). We'll get married in SF. Nice!!!

    I am new to all of this and really appreciate hearing everyone's stories. I will share my own as well.

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