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  1. got it , thank you ! that's crazy that it took this long for your interview , you filed back in June 2018
  2. That's awesome, when did you file your application ? Did you file it online or in paper ? When is your interview ?
  3. The last I read is someone who filed end of August being scheduled for their interview in March, hence the question
  4. Any chicago filers have their interviews scheduled yet ?
  5. I just completed my bio metrics today( around half hour ago) . My status online hasn't changed from the initial one, I read a couple of folks saying that as soon as you do your bio metrics your status Changes ?
  6. Did any September filers from Chicago get their interview scheduled ?
  7. Sorry to hear that. I have a lot of international travel for work coming up and was trying to get a better estimate of when my interview would be ( I am a January 2019 filer) . I guess it will be another 6 months atleast !
  8. Any filers from Chicago get their interview date yet ?
  9. Any filers from Chicago get their interview dates yet ?
  10. I am in a similar situation as well . I would say that you will be interviewed sometime in the May/June time frame.
  11. Thank you for your response, they wouldn't let me do a walk-in here in Naperville.
  12. Hey guys, were any of you able to do a early walk-in appointment for your biometrics ?
  13. I sent every month's worth of utility(water/electric) since our wedding in 2015. I didn't send the gas/cable bills as they were only in my name
  14. I got my producing card notification last tuesday (January 8'th) and I got the card on Friday (January 11'th)