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    I met her through my Best Friend. Then first time we talked on the phone was on June 11th, 2005. Since then we started to talk more and more. We talked on the phone like crazy. After while we find out that we're boht in love. Then I buy the International Airtickets to go to India to visit her. I went to India on December 10, 2005. We were not feeling any nervousness between eachother. It was like we know eachother from past life. Then we sepnt plenty of time together and got to know eachother more and more. We were engaged on January 2, 2006. Then i came bak to USA on January 21, 2006. Now i am trying to bring her here to live with me for ever and have a grate family with her, and live together happily ever after. Please Pray for US that she comes to USA as soon as possible, so we can get married have start our sweet life together. I will do anything for her and i mean anything. You name it and i will do it for her. That is our Story.
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