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  1. Hello everyone, had the day off decided to see what was going on with our case. Seems like a whole lot of nothing... Nebraska is starting to bum me out.. We received your case You do not need to do anything at this time We will let you know if we need anything else from you as we continue to review your case.
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    tourist visa

    Its very hard for a female from the Philippines to get a tourist visa. Did I tell you very hard? Not impossible though, My wife obtained a tourist visa before we were married. The items that helped her, was full documentation from her employer that she was expected back to work after the vacation. She had a bank account with some Pesos in it. She also signed up from some forums and technical classes to assist her in work. (she was a ESL teacher at a international school) In the state she was flying into. It all comes down on how your present yourself, and how much you can prove you are going to return home when the vacation is over. Bringing your daughter with you, will make that decision even harder. You have the odds stacked against you, but If you can spare the application fee give it a shot. Dont lie, and be ready for rejection.