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    we met on a dating site called filipinaheart.com in July 2005. we just so happened to run into each other online at first and then we decided to meet at a certain time everynight. Since then we've been meeting the same time every single day with obvious exceptions. We became gf/bf online after only maybe a week of chatting but we got to know each other rather well during those few hours a day, talking about coming to the US, being married, having kids and the sort. Several times we discussed how and when I could visit her though at the time I couldn't make enough money to go as soon as I hoped due to unforseen circumstances. However we both agreed for me to plan on seeing her on her birthday in Feb since I would be with her on Valentine's Day as well. So, after reorganizing myself, I made enough money and flew over to see her. Almost immediately, her family took me in with open arms and treated me as though we were already married haha. I had planned to propose to her towards the end of my trip but as it turned out...she found the ring the same first day I arrived at her place. She sat on the hotel bed and it was then I took the ring, knelt in front of her and popped the question even though we both knew the answer hehe. It wasn't the most glamorous proposal ever but we both just knew. And so, our journey began...

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  1. Raqiwin

    adopting niece (split)

    Manilaraf/Hank, thank you for insights. I am in the process right now of adopting our niece (my wife's brother's daughter). I read through all of USCIS's requirements for adopting a relative, along with Philippine ICAB procedures. USCIS mentions Hague/non-Hague Convention process (adoptee considered orphan and the required use of adoption services and a ____load of money), and then there's the immediate relative option where my niece falls under. Along with all that you have mentioned in your posts, my wife and I decided to enlist the services of a local lawyer in her hometown where she and our niece are now staying for the two year duration of the adoption requirement stated in I-130, among other sources. We have our court proceedings coming up in a few months. I will check back then to update our situation and given everything goes well, I will post our experiences and share with you all. For the others planning similar adoptions, research travel.state.gov, USCIS and the country's adoption laws. Know specifically your situation on the adoption as you research. For example, we are adopting our niece. Not a random child, but a child that is within 4 degrees of our family. We know this child, she knows us. We don't need an adoption agency to determine our fitness to raise our niece, nor have them pick a child for us. We know the birh parents and they gave their written consent. With that, we consulted our lawyer, and initiated the "private adoption." Once that is complete, approved and decree granted, we will initiate the I-130 which is where this website comes in.