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    We met on ICQ 10 years ago. We lost touch for quite awhile, but never forgot each other. In the Spring of 2005, Jason sent a random email. My marriage was ending and by the fall of 2005 I was separated and filing for divorce. After emails, letters, and expensive phone bills we finally decided met in person Christmas 2005. I was unbelievable nervous and wasn't really sure I wanted to be in a relationship, but after his three week visit I knew I couldn't live without him. In February 2006, Jason quit his job in England, sold most of his possessions, and came to stay with me for three months to look for a job in the states. He found a company that would sponsor him in Irvine, CA. He then went back to England to wait for 3 months while his O1 visa was processed. I waited and packed up my life in Ohio. Jason obtained a O1 visa in September 2006 to design video games, and we both left our families and lives and moved to sunny southern California to see if we could make a relationship work.

    He proposed in February 2007. We were married July 11, 2008. Since this is my second marriage, I never thought I would feel any different once we were married especially since we had been living together for almost 2 years. This is the only place I belong and I can't believe that I was ever any where else. Sometimes it's been a bumpy ride, but I can't imagine any one else I'ld want by my side through this adventure. With him, I am home.

    It took us forever to get the AOS package together mainly do to his work load. And I had some trouble tracking down old records.

    We just mailed AOS. Both very very excited!!!!! Attempting to wait patiently, but this is like a child waiting for Christmas every day! We received the biometric appt. for April 29th and am counting down the days.

    Soon we be able to begin the life we want without any restrictions on where he can work or what he can do.
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