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    This just might be the strangest here, but I came to the USA just a month before I turned 13 years old. I came in with the K-2 visa that expired 3 months after landing into the country with my mother who's the K-1, of course..just her and I. Now, for some reasons, they--my mother and my stepfather (who my mother married to within that first 90 days on entering) never did apply for to have permanent residency and adjustment status... I never wondered about this kind of things because I was also able to attend the community college in our town. She did receive a social security card and number along with her marriage license, I remember (which is only authorized for work), but I didn't and I just didn't thjnk I needed one. So, now I am in my 22 years without legal status.

    My parents, for some reason didn't and apparently still will not apply for my mother and I to have our greencards. So I went to ask help from the church I was attending since moving in here into my stepdad's home and they funded for my filing for a greencard and a temporary work permit (2013), I received my work permit which I received only a few months later (I also acquired my SSN shortly after) after sending in my application for the greencard but this past summer (July, 2014), I had my interview to which I was denied for permanent residency/greencard. And my work permit just expired back in October 2014 and now once again, I am out of work.

    There is no communication between my parents and I because of all of this and I, am lost for independence. Although I have tried convincing them that the church that funded for my application, would also fund my mother's. So I just feel stuck but am now starting on DACA. Obviously, there isn't any cooperation with my parents about the matter.

    Also, I would like to bring about the fact that I was also charged with battery/strike (misdemeanour) after trying to defend myself from my stepfather after a misunderstanding that he's tried to have with me. But all of that was dropped and I then received a Noelle Prosequi/No Bill.

    I am a gay male who's been living here for over 9 years. I was told that if I marry a USC, that I could [independently] file for permanent residency basing on marriage. Is this true? Please, share with me your thoughts, opinions and advise.

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