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  1. Thanks for all responses guys...i will let ya'll know what i find out Thursday.
  2. we did not receive any biometrics appointment for my wife nor for my step son. We only received the extension letter for their green cards followed by an RFE letter. After we sent the requested papers for the RFE we received the approval letter letters for both of them stating that the I-751 is approved here is what the letter said.. "Congratulations! USCIS approved your request to remove the conditions on your permanent resident status. You are deemed to be a lawful permanent resident of the USA as of the date of your original admission or adjustment status. You should receive your new Permanent Resident Card (I-551) within 60 days." So im assuming that if the biometrics was still needed we shouldnt have received a letter stating that we are approved and will receive the Green card within 60 days. Maybe there was a mix up when our case was transfered to TSC. I will be calling them when i get a chance probably Thursday.
  3. We filed I-751 for my wife and stepson (minor child so case is attached to the mother) 6 APR 2018. I-751 was approved for both 25 Sep 2019. NOA states that Green card will be mailed shortly. About 3 months ago we received my wife's green card but not my stepson's. So i contacted USCIS via online case status request and we received a response today stating that my stepson still needs to to do biometrics before they can produce his green card. My question now is why does my stepson needs to do biometrics and not my wife? And why did we receive the approval letter if biometrics was still needed? As far as i remember they both did the biometrics before on the same day.
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