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    Bankrupt July 30, 2008. Divorced August 27, 2008. Now trying to salvage any chance of having a decent life.

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    Adjustment of Status (approved)
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    Texas Service Center
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    San Antonio TX
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    2005-08-14: I met Natalia and fell in love with her and her 1.5 year old daughter. Too bad she didn't.2006-01-13: Made the biggest mistake of my life and got married. Friday the 13th. I should have known.2006-03-07: Sent I-130 (K-3) to TSC2006-03-14: I-130 (K-3) received at TSC2006-03-27: I-130 NOA1 (K-3) received2006-03-29: I-129F (K-3) received by NBC2006-03-31: I-129F NOA1 (K-3) sent2006-04-04: I-129F NOA1 (K-3) received in my mailbox2006-10-25: K-3 visa interview.2006-11-01: Wife/daughter return to US with me.2006-11-15: Wife hits me.2006-11-16: I filed for divorce.2006-11-17: Wife is served divorce papers and wife and daughter return to Russia.2006-12-20: We reconcile. BIG mistake.2006-12-26: Wife/daughter return to USA...........: everthing seems to be okay for now.2007-04-24: AOS Interview - approved2007-08-xx: We actually have dinner at the same time in the dining room for my birthday. This was the only time we shared a meal together at home.2007-08-17: Things go very bad. Divorce continues now.2007-09-20: Wife flies to California and Lake Tahoe for fun. Guess who's paying for all of it? Yup. I'm screwed.2007-10-01: Wife propositions me to delay the divorce for 1.5 years so she can get her permanent green card. (Green card fraud?)2007-10-10: Divorce hearing for temporary orders. Wife makes out like a bandit and I have to pay for it all.2007-10-??: Wife dumps her daughter in Russia so she can be free to do as she pleases in USA. Party time anyone?2007-12-14: A.M. Wife emails me to come do my inventory for bankruptcy.2007-12-14: P.M. Wife tells me I can't do inventory. I ask her if she's going somewhere or leaving the country. She emphatically denies it. She told me she still loves me and wants to save our relationship. She asked me how. I told her honesty would have been a good place to start. She lied to me about being married twice before. She lied about meeting several other men while I was getting her visas. She lied about all money matters - in Russia and here in the USA.2007-12-15: Wife goes to Russia for the holidays. Lies to lawyers about reason.2007-12-26: Wife's actions forced me into bankruptcy.2008-05-20: Wife returns from Russia and moves to Canyon Lake to move in and live with her boyfriend/lover (we were still married!).2008-07-21: Wife and her boyfriend ransack the house and steal furniture, fixtures, and NON-community property. I have surveillance video and still pictures evidencing this!2008-07-30: Bankruptcy is finalized. Wife gets off "scott free"!2008-08-27: Wife's boyfriend tried to ransack my house while we (attorneys, judge, and I) were waiting for her in divorce court! Amazing! My mother was watching them on the live surveillance camera. Amazing! Fortunately, I changed the locks at the advice of my attorney. Divorce is FINAL!2008-09-28: Ex-wife marries boyfriend/lover as soon as legally possible!!! Is this a red flag for immigration? Seems very much like she's doing all she can to stay in the country. Only USCIS/ICE can decide if it's green card fraud. At least she is someone else's problem now.

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