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    We met here in the States at my older brother's wedding back in Feb 2001. We dated for a while but I was too young and we broke up within 2 weeks. We didn't hear from each other for about a year until one day he showed up online and with a different screenname he IMed me.

    We chatted once in a while until Feb 2003 I decided to give him a change and we began dating again :) We were talking in July 2005 about getting engaged but suddenly things changed (because of my legal status I was about to lose my job) and we had to actually run to the court to get married (ON THE DAY OF MY B-DAY.)

    In the end I lost my job but I gained a wonderful husband! :) Finally in Feb 9 I got my EAD card and then applied for SSN the following day, of course I received my SSN in the mail a week later. I got a great job but still waiting for that "security clearence" to go through. It's been 6 weeks now, and we don't know anything about what's going on. My husband says the lady at the interview said we could come back and ask what's going. ahh I will keep you all posted.

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