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    Like all of you, from the opposite sides of the globe, we met, fell in love, and desire very strongly to be together for life against all odds. And here we are...

    June 2001 -----------Serendipitously Met online while i was doing my graduate studies in the US
    June 28, 2001-------Our first date and the rest is history
    July 2004-------------Unofficially engaged
    August 3, 2005------Officially engaged - I got a ring !!
    August 31, 2005-----I departed the US for Thailand following my degrees :(
    April 2006------------His first visit (13 days) to Thailand and met my dad
    January 2007--------His second visit (13 days) and met my grandmother

    March 24, 2007------Mailed out our I-129F to TSC via regular mail

    April 4, 2007---------CSC received our petition from TSC; NOA1 issued
    April 9, 2007---------NOA1 received in the mail :)

    June 25, 2007--------NOA2; A million thanks to our Mighty God for this !!
    June 26, 2007--------Touched (Email from CRIS at 12:31 A.M.)
    June 27, 2007--------Touched again
    June 30, 2007--------NOA2 hard copy received in the mail

    July 13, 2007---------NVC received our case :) :)
    July 18, 2007---------Case forwarded to the US Embassy in BKK
    July 25, 2007---------Case arrived at the US Embassy in BKK

    August 1, 2007-------Packet 3 from the web site filled and mailed to the US Embassy; Police report
    August 8, 2007-------Packet 3 from the embassy arrived in the mail
    August 13, 2007------Medical
    August 15, 2007------Packet 4 received in the mail

    September 5, 2007---Interview -- visa not yet approved, need to turn in my transcripts from the US to prove my status during my 8 years in school.

    September 24, 2007--Submitted transcripts and was told to return monday 1 for "the result"
    September 25, 2007--After one email from fiance, I was told to come pick up the visa on friday 28
    September 28, 2007--Visa in hand. Thank God for it !

    October 6, 2007-------Reunited with my baby -- POE: Atlanta
    October 15, 2007-----Civil Ceremony -- we're finally married !! :)

    My AOS adventure:

    October 31, 2007-----AOS package mailed out
    November 2, 2007----AOS package delivered in Chicago
    November 8, 2007----NOAs for I-485 and I-765 issued
    November 9, 2007----Check cashed
    November 11, 2007---RFE letter issued (arrived on the 26th)
    November 13, 2007---NOAs for I-485 and I-765 received
    December 12, 2007---AOS/EAD Biometrics; Touched
    January 14, 2008------Interview letter received in the mail
    January 18, 2008------Email from CRIS -- EAD approved and the card production ordered
    January 25, 2008------EAD Card received
    February 20, 2008-----Interview at 9 a.m. in Jacksonville, FL --APPROVED :)
    February 20, 2008-----Green card production ordered
    March 5, 2008----------Green card received in the mail... :)
    March 11, 2008---------A new SS card with my new name applied for
    March 12, 2008---------Applied for a driver license
    March 19, 2008---------Driver license arrived in the mail

    My ROC Adventure:

    January 13, 2010-------Mailed out I-751 to VSC
    January 15, 2010-------Package delivered
    January 19, 2010-------NOA
    January 21, 2010-------Check cashed
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