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  1. I got my 2 year green card when i was 27 on march 2014 so im still confuse that when i was 26 in 2013 waiting for my aproval for 2 year green card did i need to register or not
  2. Hi guys i made a mistake my birthday was march 10, 1987 and it looks like during that year 2013 I was 25 turning 26 I cant believe it it means that i did not register for select service and i dont even have the letter to show on my interview coming monday Im so scare what will happen when i go to interview on monday.
  3. So I came here on a k1 visa when i was 26 years of age but the month after i turn 27 years old so when i apply for 2 year green card about a couple months later i was not qualify to apply for select service because im 27 so on the application of n400 it ask about now that you are 27 to 31 years of age ( filing under the ina section 319A) that you did not register for select service you have to provide statement why. Does this part applies to me or only if i was here when i was 18-26 that i didnt register for selected service that i need to give them a explanation?