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  1. This means NVC received your request and already sent the expedite request (not the case) to embassy. Embassy can only take the final decision. For my dad's case, total 4 days to get the request approved. I think this timeline varies case wise. Timeline: 16 Sept- Submitted interview expedite request 18 Sept- NVC emailed that they are reviewing the request 20 Sept- NVC confirmed Embassy approved the request if I already got DQ ( By this time, I emailed Embassy several times to explain my situation and they proactively worked I guess) 23 Sept- NVC sent the case to Embassy 25 Sept IL from Embassy Best of luck on your case!
  2. Interview date: Oct 1 Visa approved for mom & dad. Consulate: Bangladesh Embassy, Dhaka Received IL for mom on Sept 16 (CC May 23) but didn’t receive IL for dad(CC July 23). Submitted expedite interview request for dad's interview. NVC processed it in a week ( Emailed NVC & Embassy back & forth which really helps). Finally received IL for dad 4 days before interview date, did medical and finally visa approved! Thanks visajourney for all your support!
  3. Hello guys, today I have received the interview expedite approval email for my Dad from NVC. NVC mentioned: ''The U.S. Embassy or Consulate is willing to expedite this case when we have all the fees, forms, and documents. If you have not already done so, you can pay your fees and submit Form DS-260 at ceac.state.gov.'' But my dad's case is completed at NVC and got DQ on July 23. I don’t know why NVC didn’t even look this case and haven't sent it to the consulate immediately? Since my mom's interview is on Oct 1 I am very concerned if we don't receive IL by early next week dad won't have enough time for medical. Do you guys know, in case of expedite request approval , who will send IL ? Is it NVC or consulate or I have to schedule by myself later(found in some posts).
  4. Received interview letter today for my mom . Interview date: Oct 1 (only 15 days from IL), CC on May 23 Interview location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Didn’t receive IL for my dad IL which got CC on July 23. Really want to have their interview in the same date because for family based IR5 in general they schedule a single interview. Submitted expedite request but don’t know how long it may take since the interview is 15 days away only. NVC kept saying before that these cases are linked together and should get the interview together but today I called they told may be the scheduler overlooked the other case :(. I know lot of other members also experienced the same!
  5. For I864/I864EZ you can take the copy instead of original (signed). I know people in Dhaka embassy got approved with the I864/I864 EZ copy. For birth certificate, you can search travel.gov and check the country and visa specific requirement. For IR5 (for Parents), my parents need to bring my (Petitioner) original birth certificate as that's the critical evidence for proof of relationship [as mentioned in Travel.gov]. For IR1/or spouse visa I don't think so you need the original BC.
  6. Upload most recent 2018 Tax transcript only (under required documents). Never upload any combine Tax files .
  7. I also had the same situation, all the documents are accepted but as per NVC message: Need 2017 W2. So Just upload that document under additional document and explains that in the doc upload comment.
  8. Congratulations! So it took almost 3 weeks 4 days to get DQ after submission!
  9. I called NVC and they escalated my case for supervisor's review on May 23 and still there is no update. So, all of my documents are accepted but no DQ email. I called NVC, talked with a supervisor if I need to submit anything but they told no, just wait for supervisor's review which can take 6 weeks . Don't know how long to wait even all the documents are accepted. Anyone has any experience?
  10. So I have 2 cases on NVC stage: for both of my parents. After resubmitting some civil documents on May 2 Yesterday, I received Documentary Qualified email for my mom and for my dad, all the documents shows accepted but no DQ email. I called NVC and to my surprise, they are saying, I need my 2017(!) W2 (don't know why as I submitted all 2018 tax & W2). I am so frustrated with this, because, I submitted exactly same documents for both of my parents and one is qualified but the other is in hold! I called again and this time CSR told, they don't understand why this happened, it suppose to be cleared to DQ, therefore forwarded for supervisor review which can take up to 6 week as they told! I want my mom & dads interview together in same day but this will separate the case which will be very painful!!! Now, do you think, I should wait for supervisor review or send 2017 W2 (though not sure if this is needed!) to expedite the process!! Any comments is appreciated!
  11. Had to resubmit Police certificate without any reason! Previously uploaded PCC with both page scanned clearly showing the seal and NVC is saying they cannot found the seal. Called NVC and they advised to resubmit it again :(! And NVC wants some other doc (country specific doc) under Beneficiary Marriage certificate tab which I had uploaded under others. AOS and other docs are accepted! So, I submitted 2018 Tax return (Not 2018 transcript as unavailable that time), W2 (under others) & 2017 Transcript (under others) which they accepted! Best of luck!
  12. I resubmitted on May 2nd. very minor update and expecting that long 2-3 weeks review time
  13. I was trying to upload on May 2 and took the whole day to upload only 1 document. Called NVC and they told, they had some technical issue. I don't know still they are having the same. Keep trying to upload periodically (after an hour or two). Hopefully you will be able to upload it.
  14. So I submitted my IV civil documents on 13 April and heard from NVC today. This is so frustrating that they rejected my police certificate though everything is perfect. They asked me to upload both side of the police certificate to show the seal. My uploaded document has both side scanned with clearly showing seals. I called NVC and they told they can see one page and there is no Seal but I told them, I am infront of my computer and I can easily see my uploaded document which shows both side of the document and the seals. Then they just told to resubmit the same document and I asked them what's the guarantee you will accept this same document? Really unfortunate and just another 3 weeks of wait! Do anyone know any other way to send the same document to NVC ( may be in email) as a backup?
  15. Wow! NVC review was much faster in your case! Which marriage license you are referring to? Is that Nikahnama? I am from Bangladesh and submitted my parents Nikahnama with translation and Marriage certificate too. Hope these will convince NVC.
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