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  1. Sorry guys one more question on part 5. question 1, should I answer yes.... or no. I have sponsored my mother on 2010 as well. So when it says that have I previously filed a petition for this or beneficiary or any other alien? I am thinking I should say yes.... because I have sponsored my mom on 2010. is that correct? Please let me know.
  2. Thanks for the reply. but would I list my kids there or it meant that her kids (if any)? person 2 and on?
  3. Hello All, I am filling form I-130 for my wife who is abroad. I am stuck on Part 4 starting question 25a. Beneficiary will be my wife who is outside of the US. So I am filling the form and on Part 4. when it says "Information About Beneficiary's family." under it says, "Provide information about the beneficiary's spouse and children. I believe the beneficiary spouse would be me ( is that correct on person 1?) and I am divorced and have 4 kids. Would I list my kids for starting on person 2 up to person 5. and fill son or daughter or my new wife (beneficiary) should say step son or daughter. Please help.