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    algerinou reacted to Ebunoluwa in our case is on ap due to fraud/material misreprestation   
    Back up here...you didn't give enough details.....you filed a I-130 for a CR1 visa and the CO didn't believe you have a bona fide marriage.
    What evidence of a genuine marriage did you submit ?
    Which questions were asked ? Which ones did you not know ?

    Did he mention the reason he suspected fraud other than that he believes you are not bona fide ?
    Were all your documents in order or did he say you misrepresented yourself on one ?
    Has there been a previous application for any visa type ? Tourist, K1, Diversity ?
    CR1's do not expire so the above comment that you simply file again by one poster is incorrect.
    A CO can not revoke your petition, only USCIS can, therefore after your case returns to USCIS you will receive a NOID/NOIR
    letter addressing the issues the CO found and you will have a certain time in which to submit your rebuttal.
    Then you wait if USCIS accepts or denies it. If denied you correct the issue(s) and file again.
    If reaffirmed, the case will go back to the consulate for another interview.
    You will have a good chance to be reaffirmed IF you address the issues they don't like.
    Your lawyer is missing the boat, if you get denied on misrepresentation find a lawyer that specializes in waivers
    but that is another topic for another day. First things first.
    Wait for the NOID/NOIR Letter (3-6 months) and come back here if anything is unclear.
    Share exact details of how the interview went as being vague will not get you the help here you need.
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    algerinou reacted to Broken2019 in K1 Visa denial   
    I'm so sorry we went through this and I went to Cameroon last month and we got married and will file for I-130. We got our congressman on it but they never responded to him. Then while I was in Cameroon I called the embassy and they said the K-1 has been sent back to the NVC and it was nothing that could be done. The CO told us our best results was to get married while I was there. BC it's hard to proved a bona fide relationship without being married. Just get married and reapply. Sorry I feel your pain. Keep your head up.
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    algerinou got a reaction from R and F in How to stop AOS   
    devorce isnt good in this life better be with your husband and live happy
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    algerinou reacted to Otto in IR1 / CR1 General Guides and Info   
    ** Topic Locked - for questions pertaining to your own personal case, please start a seperate thread so you'll get a dedicated response.
    Posting questions in this (or any Pinned Thread really) may lower your chances of it being seen by other VJ members which may limit the number of specific responses you get.
    It may be better if you:
    Research a thread that specifically addresses your question (this may not be possible every time), or
    Start a new topic (this is often the better choice).
    Thank you,
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