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    My husband and I got married June 7, 2003. He had been here as a visitor and we just decided to get married! Unfortunately, we were very stupid about the immigration process, and left for Canada before filing his AOS papers. This resulted in him being denied entry into the US and us looking like total idiots at Fortuna (border). So I had to fly home by myself (1st class, though!!) and leave my car and my new husband in Canada. In late July I took a Greyhound bus back to Canada because I had to get my car before it became property of Saskatchewan! While there we filed my husband's I-130. When going home to US we asked the border officer if my husband could please accompany me home so I didn't have to drive by myself. We showed the proof of our I-130 application and they let us through!
    When we got home (to Iowa) we went to the immigration office in Des Moines and asked if he could stay since he had an I-130 filed. The woman told us he could, which made us very happy! Unfortunately, we received tons of wrong information from USCIS and greatly delayed this whole process! We filed the AOS package in June 2005 and are now (STILL) waiting on his EAD and AOS. It has been a long, boring, stressful, panic-inducing struggle, but I (somehow) still have hope that it will all turn out well in the end.
    If not, to Canada we go!!!
    UPDATE: AOS interview is on April 11, 2006 at 11:00a.m.!! Woooo!
    UPDATE2: We were approved!!! 10 Year Green card received!
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