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    heng heng got a reaction from Ali Adnan in CEAC Status - Application Error   
    its not working yet....I tried to check a whole day but nothing change
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    heng heng reacted to neslim in DS260 vs DS230 - - Interview in 21 Days, must send papers in 7 days, please help!   
    We have an interview in Ankara in 21 days (Oct 2).
    I am getting ready to send my documents in (the packet has to get to there before Sep 18).
    Initially, the embassy sent me an instruction document stating that I need to fill the DS-230. There has been a recent change and now they require DS-260. (see: http://turkey.usembassy.gov/wn_082913.html)
    The article says that documents submitted after Sep 1, 2013 should include DS260 instead of DS-230.
    I called the embassy and the guy said that I should stick to the original instructions and file DS-230.
    HOWEVER, I am AFRAID that once I go to the interview, they will ask me to file the new electronic form, DS-260.
    Do you think it makes sense to just fill out DS-260 (the updated form) the first time? Will that make them angry or instead, will they give me a pat on the back for following the updated instructions?
    Please advise, I really need to send this packet in ASAP.
    Thank you in advance for all your help!
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    heng heng reacted to risorgimentoe in Packet 3.5 Forms   
    Are the forms required for K1 visa now compeltely different? We were going to fill out the forms beforehand so we were prepared..... but now it seems like DOS changed the requirements.
    Is all that's required now DS-160 & DS-260 and I-134?
    Please don't tell me to go to the VJ guides. They aren't updated or answering my Qs.
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    heng heng reacted to feau91 in I need your help and opinion on Form DS-160   
    Hey, I got my package 3 and it says to me what I always read on the usembassy.gov site for Germany. That I have to send in Form DS-156,156k and 157 and a photocopy of the data page of my passport. That's what it says in my letter from the conulate. For the instructions there is also written that I should go online on the website and follow from step 3 on.
    And now there is something I can't understand!
    When I go on this website, the one in german language, then it shows me exactly what the letter says too. So that's okay and I would understand that!
    But when I go on the button english translation on that website, then it shows me a completely different step 3. It shows to me that I have to fill out the onlne form DS-160 and no word about the Forms DS-156, 156k or 157 like the letter I got says!
    So do I need the online Form DS-160 now or not? Wouldn't they mention it in the letter too with the other Forms if I would need it or not. Because if I never went to the english translated site I would have never seen it!
    What is your opinion about all that?
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    heng heng reacted to janet&adonis in Help???   
    This will probably be the last update from uscis. Now once nvc receives your case they will assign you a case number beginning with SDO. Then you will track it here:
    This site will tell you when the case is shipped to the embassy. Then the embassy will set up appointment date and send packet 4 to your fiance.
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    heng heng reacted to Ninahi in Hello everybody   
    I'm sorry to hear your ex-fiance treated you poorly!
    An unapproved visa should not affect your process, please be honest in your interview. Best of luck to you!
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    heng heng reacted to nphar in Hello everybody   
    It would only be a problem if you had petitioned someone before and it was approved. Since your first petition was not approved, you have nothing to worry about. Even if your first one was approved, it will would not be a problem unless you file more than one withing the same year. Just hang in there and everything will be OK as long as you are truthful will all of your submitted info.
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    heng heng reacted to janet&adonis in Hello everybody   
    As long as you are honest and mention that you filed the first petition, and include the dates and why you didnt continue it i dont think it will be an issue
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