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  1. I thought so. Would you all shed some light on what is called "DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS". What is that one about? Thanks.
  2. Hello all. Lets see here... @geowrian & @SusieQQQ : Thank you both for those last pieces of information. Specially the links. Ill try to look up and read some today. I concur with this, but have some questions now that the broader shape of things to come is coming to view. Here we go... It seems likely that the approval will trickle through before his 21th b-day. Having a current visa before or at his 21th is now highly unlikely (although historically the graph on ***removed*** has dipped to "Current" in less than 2 months in the past! How come?). Hence, - Gets approved (the bond is there and it is genuine). - Turns 21, and the system rolls him over to F2B and the PD is trespassed to this new category. - I become USC and again the system - presumably automatically - rolls him over to F1 with the same PD still. - In time, when PD is current he files through embassy (leaves of course) along with I-601 (I have a herniated disk that is expected to get a lot worse - I will need his help). In about ~7+ years. Does that seem look like a more or less fair sequence of events? One last question though, my mother (USC) filed a petition for me on 04/16/02. I want to say this does not help him either because it was after 04/30/01. Thank you all...
  3. Yeup... It was one of those things we did not see coming at all. Can you see any way for this petition to help in any other category? What I mean by that is that in some cases the PD is respected if a second petition is submitted by the same petitioner. Just looking for a way to not have him go away. That is all.
  4. Not even jojo. Not at all. Appreciate your advice in fact. We have been discussing different countries as alternatives. Its not easy though.
  5. The latter part is a bit unfair. Ive been raising and caring for this boy. Look at the violence headings on Juarez alone? How am I supposed to let him go to that? 17 people executed over this last week end. The total for last month was around 175. A pastor executed last Friday... A pastor... I am not choosing for him I assure you. https://canal44.com/category/local/
  6. Yeup I know. Him an I spent a lot of time looking into alternatives: army (unless he learns a very foreign language), not even F-1 because he has no immediate family over there. "You make it sound like being out of status isn’t such a problem...", there are LOTS of peoples riding this same boat - we like your spirit though. Some dreams will have to be put down in lieu for patience and keep being a person of moral minded principals (i.e. stay out of trouble). I lost you on the last part of your statement, " the “only thing” as you dismiss it to my way of thinking is a big thing ...l", can you run that through me again? WOW... I had an appointment with a high profile expert and he said this was a negative for sure. Can you shed some experiences, examples, laws, comment? This is very puzzling... Then what? DONT pursue this any more in its current shape-way-or-form. Become USC and upgrade or reapply + CSPA. That is what I came up with by reading the law here and there. Bellow is what we - hopefully - are looking at. If you see anything that is totally out of place please by all means point it out. <<TENTATIVELY SPEAKING>> 06/30/17: Conditional LPR 2 years began. 03/30/19 : Can send remove conditional restrictions form. Will get a 10 year permit sometime before a year passes. Will get a temporary permit good for one year in the mean time. 06/30/19 : 2 year conditional LPR term is terminated. 03/30/20: Temporary 1 year in lieu for 10 year is terminated. Should by this date will have a 10 year unrestricted LPR status. Concurrently with this date will be eligible to file for naturalization. 07/30/20: Should receive appointment for naturalization 09/30/20: Obtained citizenship. Thanks and sorry for the essay @SusieQQQ.
  7. Hello all, I am so thankful for your replies. @geowrian: Yes there seems to be some hope. I noticed you mention NVC, I wonder how that will play out. I am hoping we can to AOS. You see, he was paroled and inspected into the US because I petition for him under a TD when I was TN. Then, I met my wife and we married (unfortunately after he was 18). Therefore, his status ended couple of months after I was given LPR. Once I become USC, so I've heard, it wont mater if he is out of status since it will be a petition from a USC for - hopefully through CSPA - a minor child. Makes sense? Please comment if you will. I've spent my fair share with lawyers and am confused, some give us hope, others tells us to abandon all. @arken: Yes seems counter intuitive, but yes it makes sense. The only thing is that he has no status in the mean time. It is not an easy thought - he is a good kid. @Jojo92122: Naturalizing wont help? Can you elaborate on that? From what I understand I must if CSPA is to play a saving role, no?
  8. Hello everyone, I wish to put the following for input on peoples previous experiences as well as advice. I am LPR, I petitioned for my child and received priority date of 09/19/17 (California Service Center), his date of birth is 04/04/98. The projections here <<https://www.***removed***/visa-bulletin-tracker/ (select F2A-MEXICO)>> look very terrible and by all accounts seem to predict he will age-out (turns 21 on 04/04/19). Although I cant understand why some advice on lawyers sites advice against becoming USC as quick as possible, my obvious plan is to in fact become USC as quick as possible and hope that CSPA can yield an age for him less than 21 years and make use of the priority date we received earlier in his favor (not to sure if I will need to re-apply for him by then). Unfortunately my wife and I married after he turned 18, so she cant do nothing for him - they say, I have come to admit. As far as projections go it goes like this (your input is welcome): * Earliest I can become USC is 09/30/20. * His approval date is estimated to be 03/19/19 <<https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/>>. * His estimated visa bulletin current date is 08/28/19 (09/19/17 + 1 Yr 11 Mths 9 Days - see link for ***removed*** tracker link). If I plug these values into the calculator <<https://www.***removed***/cspa-calculator.do>>, then he actually does have a chance. The only thing is, what must I do and when to make it happen? Thank you all.