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    Ross and I met while I was working as an Au Pair in Germany. Ross is in the American Army and was/is stationed there. In October when we met, I had just gotten to Germany and had just made a few friends. It was my first night out with my new friends when we bumped into Ross and his friends and an Irish pub in downtown Frankfurt. Ross and I had a blast that night, and I gave him my number. He ended up calling and we went on several other dates. It didn't take long for me to realize that this guy was something special! We found ourselves almost saying "I love you" only weeks into our relationship! My contract with the family I worked for and lived with ended in June. From November until June I spent all my free time at Ross' little apartment in a town near mine and we were inseperable. When my job finally ended I went to live with Ross 24/7 for 2 months. It was in that time that I knew without a DOUBT that this was the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!! I had to return home to Canada in August for school, and Ross unfortunately had to remain in Germany for his Military commitments. We remained close through daily phone conversations. Over Christmas 2005 we both flew to Texas so that we could see eachother again and so that I could meet his entire family. On our last night together Ross proposed to me, and I very eagerly said yes! We are now engaged to be married, most likely, sometime in the Spring of 2007. Until then I am working on a Degree in Ancient and Medieval History at the University of Calgary, figureing out this Visa stuff and planning the Wedding. Ross is unfortunately serving his second 1 year long tour of duty in Iraq. Every night when I pray to God to watch over our boysand girls over there in the middle east, I never forget to also thank Him for all the endless blessings in my life!
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