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  1. Yeh we will get that also, just waiting for my husband and i to have the time off together to go take him (it takes about 4 hours of waiting and both parents need to be there)
  2. He has no close family, his mother passed away a couple years ago and he doesnt really have any kind of relationship with his dad or sister so it makes sense to raise our family around my family. He fortunately agrees with me.
  3. My husband is a very chill person and needs less than me in terms of emotional support so it makes sense for us to at least try England as I'm 5 years in now and still feel so lonely here, I just cant seem to make real emotional connections here or at least not enough to satisfy not having family. My husband isn't close to the limited family he has. All he requests from life in England if we move there is a local disc golf course lol. Seeing as the only thing making me hesitate is the climate I think it makes sense. Yeh the visa stuff will be a hassle but be worth it I think, and I have my citizenship so we can come back if needed
  4. I have my interview June 12th for n400 and ROC and both approved and my oath is scheduled for July 23rd, any idea how to edit the table
  5. I agree, its hard not to romanticize life in uk so we have 2 trips there over next couple years where i feel like I can try and gauge how i would feel there if moved back. I also need to figure out where my baby boy would have tthe best life, like will the good weather make up for having no family around etc
  6. It looks like if I have a job offer in uk wirh same company starting within 3 months of the move that also counts as income! And my company does have practices out there!
  7. Thanks! I just PMd her Yeh we considered that but the idea of knowing absolutely noone and raising a family sounds awful. We visit England again at xmas so I will try and look at it through objective and not emotional eyes
  8. I did actually see an article where it proved that you dont pay more in taxes in uk or any other country with socialized healthcare for that matter than the US, the US takes far more money for military, I'd rather my taxes go to the NHS than the military personally. There is the option of providing evidence of 2.5 years worth of income in savings which is the route we would go down. To live somewhere cheaper in the us I feel like I'd have to move somewhere less desirable anyway so i might as well go home to rainy England lol, tbh though I do prefer the culture in the uk, the people and how things are run and I came into the US so wanting to prefer it but it didnt happen because everything felt so backwards
  9. I'm about to get my baby a uk passport but I would still need to bring my husband over on a spouse visa
  10. We considered that but it wouldnt fix our limited time off work and lack of family unfortunately. I miss my 4 plus weeks vacation a year and having family close to hang around with
  11. I had a child with my usc spouse 9 months ago after moving to the us 5 years ago and I'm starting to think our lived would be better in the uk, more time together as a family, more family support etc. Has anyone moved back?
  12. I moved to the US to marry my husband 5 years ago and have a 9 month old baby now. I cant seem to shake the thought that we would have a better standard of living moving back to the UK (free healthcare, more time off etc) has anyone else made the move back? I recently got my citizenship so we could move back to the us if it were a mistake. We live in coastal California and to afford life my husband and I work opposite shifts so we never get to enjoy our baby together and with only 1 week off a year we never even get to enjoy this country, at least in England we would have 4+ weeks a year holiday and likely weekends off together as we would have my family to help with childcare in the week so I could work. I just cant imagine going back to the uk climate though 😬. The move back wouldnt be for maybe 3 years since my husband needs to finish his apprenticeship and we have 2 trips back to England in the meantime so I guess I'm gona see how I feel when im there.
  13. Can someone ELI5 how much we would have to have in savings for me to bring my husband and child to the UK since we have been living in the Usa for 5 years and therefore don't have a uk income
  14. Hes a rambunctious 8 month old, the only person we have local is my father in law but he travels a lot, I will just probably have to bite the bullet and have someone watch him but hopefully its another Saturday when I can convince a friend to rather than pay a sitter
  15. Sooo I didnt realise my husband had to be with me for my interview and he was 60 miles away watching our baby so I got rescheduled, any idea if I can bring my baby? I'm already frustrated that we are gona lose work pay to attend another interview so I'd rather not have to pay for a sitter too.
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