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  1. I don't know if you've filed for N400 yet or not but if you haven't I think your best bet would be to hold off on filing for citizenship until cannabis is recreationally legal federally; it will happen eventually. That way you won't have to worry about problems with N400. Also Kratom which is legal federally but is illegal in some states helps with pain. Just something to think about. I know someone with Fibromylagia and it helps her phenomenonally.
  2. My husband got his passport last Friday. He has not received his documents in a separate envelope yet. When do they usually come back?
  3. I want to know how long it took others here to get their docs back after they received passport.
  4. Hubby got passport in the mail last Friday. I know his certificate is supposed to be returned in a separate envelope. The pamphlet that came with the passport said it should come in a couple days. We haven't seen anything in the mail yet. Should we be worried?
  5. So we went to a different post office which processed our application fine. We made two copies of the application before we left so we have a copy at home. For emergency contact my husband put my name down. But we realized when we got home it says "person not traveling with you". We dont have any plans to travel right now. Most likely we will always be traveling together but at times he may go on his own. Will this pose a problem that I will be with him on most trips and I'm listed as emergency contact?
  6. So we tried applying for the passport at the Post office. They told him all supporting documents needed to be over 6 months old to be used. That his certificate of naturalization was too new and that his state ID was too new as well (since we just moved). I thought you could apply for a passport right away as soon as you became a citizen?
  7. Anyone here who updated their social security record to citizen get a letter in the mail that's not the new card?
  8. I thought I heard somewhere that there had to be two seperate checks.
  9. So we are trying to get hubby his US passport since he just became a citizen a month ago. It's been so long since I first got my passport that I am no longer familiar with the process. I know you have to apply in person if it's your first time. So I'll start with docs first. 1. He does need to send the original naturalization certificate and a black and white photocopy correct? 2. Second ID he is supposed to provide a photocopy of the front and back of his state ID?? Please can someone verify if this is correct. We are finding the instructions hard to understand. As for the fees he wants Expedited Service so he doesn't have to be without his original naturalization certificate for long. Does not need anything overnighted. What are the fees for this? Do they need to be all on one money order/personal check or seperate ones? Finally he got his passport photo done at Walgreens. Will the passport agency make him retake it or will they take the Walgreens ones? Thanks in advance.
  10. They have their own parking garage across the street. You park in there then walk through the skyway that connects the garage and River center. There will also be signs for the Naturalization ceremony.
  11. As you know he naturalized on June 24th and has his certificate. USCIS status updated on July 3 saying certificate has been issued if you move please change your address with us. I thought he didn't have to update his address with USCIS anymore?
  12. A lot of the time they have another officer look at the case to give it a final review. Totally normal. Especially if it was a combo interview.
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