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  1. I wonder if we'll receive a status update when they approve the RFE or if it'll just change to in line for oath. Status says as of 3/15 My response to USCIS request for evidence was received.
  2. If our RFE response is pending over 120 days we can do a writ of mandamus.
  3. You can put us on there if you want. But we are an unusual case with a N400 RFE post interview. No idea when our case will be adjudicated.
  4. Is it worth adding Unsolicited Evidence?
  5. corvusheart

    N-400 March 2018 Filers

    The actual letter says the same thing. If you're applying for citizenship based on the 3 year rule yes you need to bring all the papers even if they have them already. They will ask to see them. We brought all our paperwork to interview but because the IO didn't take them and put them in our file is why we got a RFE. A lot of things are a case by case basis. Still bring everything and don't let the IO not take the paperwork.
  6. corvusheart

    N-400 March 2018 Filers

    Hubby had his interview two weeks ago. IO said everything looked good. Last week he got a RFE in the mail wanting more evidence about our relationship. Even though it was all brought to interview.
  7. This post is almost a year old. I don't think OP is even active on here anymore.
  8. Just read this. They are a year out from after their interview and are still waiting. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/669023-11-months-since-naturalization-interview/
  9. Thanks. I just saw a thing on Avvo saying a RFE after citizenship interview is said it can take up to a year. And seeing how MN is a field office that's always backed up...
  10. I already did. But not letter explaining situation. I can however attach the letter under Unsolicited Evidence.
  11. We brought everything to his interview. The problem was while the IO looked at everything and said it was all good he didn't take anything. So when it went to the next IO for the final check they sent an RFE..
  12. Why is state and federal income tax listed in bold as the title? Does that mean that's the key thing they want? We included all taxes from the last few years including our most recent for 2018. Because it's so recent a transcript isn't available on IRS site yet. So I just have the tax return client copy we got from HR block when we filed. The previous taxes are transcripts. I could upload the new transcript when I get it as Unsolicited Evidence where they aren't required to look at it.
  13. The USCIS website specifically said you only have one opportunity to submit evidence. And when I clicked submit it said are you sure you want to proceed this is your only opportunity to submit evidence? So that sounds like a no to me. Also on the myuscis profile there's a button to submit "Unsolicited evidence" that the IO is not obligated to look at.
  14. Lawyer says he doesn't think it'll take long for them to respond to our RFE response. But from what I read it can take almost a year.