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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/trump-administration-preparing-to-close-international-immigration-offices/2019/03/12/e8db2be4-44d3-11e9-aaf8-4512a6fe3439_story.html?utm_term=.0fe4005f9213 Does anyone know what this means to those that are trying to get visas for family members etc? It sounds like they are closing the office in Mexico City. I'm getting married to a Mexican man shortly and am really concerned about this. It's one more way this administration is trying to stop immigration. Can they really stop us like this? Thanks, Laurianne Here is the article:
  2. Hi I have two choices. I am going to Cancun to meet up with my fiancé for a few days next week. We have talked about getting married there and I have checked on the paperwork options. His daughter turns 18 in mid-May and I believe that we need to get married before that date in order for her to be considered my stepdaughter. Can anyone confirm that? The other option is to wait until I return to Mexico in early May and get married then. I live there half the year. It would be very close to her birthday, and I wonder if that raises any red flags. If anyone can answer this with certainty, or point me to the correct information I would truly appreciate it. It turns out that the fees for getting married in Cancun are three times what they would be in the city in which we live in Mexico when I am there. I’d prefer to wait, but don’t want to have issues with her birthday. Thank you!
  3. mexigrl

    K1 vs CR-1

    There are a lot of "strange" feelings with this whole process I think. It just seems as if I should be able to marry who I want and they should be able to live with me or vice versa (assuming they don't have a record of felony etc). My concern now with Trump is if Mexicans are being treated differently. There is so much hate out there and it seems that Immigration is really focused on Mexico. Even if he gets a fair shake we may still have issues since he was deported (voluntary return) coming over the border 20 years ago. I don't really know where this will end up. I'm happy that you were able to make things work, even if it has been a journey!
  4. mexigrl

    K1 vs CR-1

    He would be OK without working, he could do some work for friends etc (plumbing, electric) as he has skills. AOS doesn't seem to matter but I don't know if that is a problem or not. It would seem being married already and filing for CR1 might be best. Of course, waiting a year for the FOIA info so we know exactly what is in his file really makes this process much longer. Appreciate the thoughts!
  5. Hi We are at the beginning of this process. It's already frustrating because we have to wait a YEAR for a FOIA request just to get his previous immigration records (he is from Mexico). At any rate, we are trying to decide which option is best. My bottom line is if one way is more likely to be approved than the other, also if things have changed at all with this "administration". His divorce will be final in January (hopefully) and it is uncontested so we should be able to marry in 2018. If you were starting this process and had the option which visa path would you take? I appreciate any assistance and ideas from those of you with experience. Thank you so much! Barri
  6. Hi Has anyone requested a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) for records and found they would have to wait a MINIMUM of a year? That sounds so ridiculous, just for 2 pieces of paper. My fiance is in Mexico and he has been to the US before when he was in his teens. Twice he was sent back immediately, I think it's called a Voluntary Return. In order to go through our Visa process we need the exact dates and to see what is on his record. I don't see any other way. Any thoughts? Thanks Barri
  7. Thanks, however there is not one near him at all - do you know of any other options?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to file the FOIA form, there seems to be different info needed online vs mailing, At any rate, the physical form that you mail in shows you need a notary signature and it is all in English and wants the persons info that notarizes it. It would seem that that means the only notary could be from the U.S. That makes no sense as he lives in Mexico and there are not generally US notaries there. Has anyone run into this trying to get the FOIA info? Thanks!
  9. What I'm trying to figure out is what I need from him, in Mexico, so that I can file it. Does anyone know? Online it looks like I can just file but when I look at the actual form (the one you print and mail instead of filing online) it shows he needs a notarized signature. He lives in Mexico, there is no U.S. notary there. Thanks Laurianne
  10. Hi, I need to file a FOIA to CBP to get the deportation/border entry records for my fiance, who lives in Mexico (I am a US Citizen). We are planning to marry next year and will pursue immigration. He did cross into the US about 20 years ago and was turned around at the border twice (we think both times was voluntary return but aren't sure). I've been told I need to file this form but I don't know how to file it on his behalf. I've been searching for a while but can't seem to find the answers. Is there some sort of form he needs to sign to give me permission to access these records and file the FOIA? I can send it to him in Mexico if needed. The other option would be to file the entire request in his name and on his behalf but it would still seem I would need some sort of permission, he also doesn't live in the US. Has anyone been through this before that can assist? Thanks! Barri
  11. Hi all, Just starting this process and appreciate your assistance. My boyfriend lives in Mexico. He is currently getting divorced (they have lived apart for over 5 years). He is 40 years old. In his teens he came to the US a few times. He was caught twice immediately after coming over the border, held for a few hours, and sent back. He does not have any memory of signing anything or what the actual dates were. My main questions at this point are: 1. How can we obtain a copy of his immigration history? We want to make sure what is on file and how things are listed. I'm very confused if being sent back twice makes him ineligible or if it matters "how" he was sent back. An immigration attorney friend said something about if it was a voluntary return (?) then it might not even be on the record. This would be about 20 years ago. 2. In Mexico you have to wait a year to get married again. Has anyone ever gotten around that? I did read about bridge weddings, which might work since the US doesn't require that wait. 3. Which brings me to the big question (assuming he can get a visa) - do we file for fiancee and get married here, or get married in Mexico (or another country so we don't have to wait)? I so appreciate any experience or expertise you can share with me. Thanks!