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  1. Can you guys please advice weather or not if I should re-file OR appeal? I've submitted the photos but I believe they may not be the way they asked for. Again, my question is whether appealing or refiling? Can you guys please advice.
  2. Hello, I've filled and sent my K-1 Fiance application about 6 months ago. After about 3 months of sending the papers, I received a response from immigration requesting "further evidence". They asked me that the pictures I've sent them with my fiance during my time of meeting him didn't show the dates. So I submitted the requested pictures with the dates shown from my phone. Long story short, today I received the letter saying my application is denied. I've attached the pictures of the denied papers. I can't live here where my Fiance is in another country. This is very horrible situation. Can anyone please advice me on what I need to do? I'm very desperate now.choose files... Click to choose files Thank you very much.
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