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  1. Hey guys, I had my medical exam a couple days ago in London and I had to explain something stupid I did when I was a kid. (Attempted Suicide). Talking about it brought back a lot of emotions, and I was super tired cause I hadn't slept the night before (due to nervousness about the exam) and I couldn't help but cry when I had to explain why I did it. The doctor examining me really didn't say anything to comfort me, she just sort of sat there in silence until I stopped- I guess she had to remain professional but now I'm wondering, does she think I'm a total freak? Could I have screwed up my chances of being issued a visa? (She told me the fact I attempted suicide shouldn't be a problem as it was over 3 years ago and I was a child, but she still needed confirmation from my GP that I'm mentally stable and unlikely to try something like that again) My doctor will definitely confirm that I'm fine, but I'm really freaking out that I made a fool of myself at the medical exam and she's going to judge me by it... What do you think:
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