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    Boy talked to girl. Girl ignored boy.

    Boy kept talking until he got the girl's attention.

    Girl was heartbroken at that time and the boy made her really happy (like really :)).

    They were good friends until the boy decided to meet the girl in person.

    Their first date was out of town. Girl wanted to swim with whalesharks. Boy surprised the girl with tickets to Donsol to swim with whalesharks. The boy went with the girl even if the boy is afraid of deep waters.

    Girl thought that was really sweet (and then punched him in the face for not telling her, kidding).

    They got stranded in Donsol because of the storm. They waded through waist-deep flood just to catch the last flight to Manila. Pleaded at the check in counter to sell them tickets. And then sat in the airplane with wet butts. Girl and boy felt like they were in an episode of The Amazing Race.

    That made Girl and Boy really close.

    Girl was glad they got back safe..but sad because Boy was leaving that same day.

    Girl was saying goodbye to the boy at the airport when Boy suddenly kissed Girl. Boy always claims Girl kissed him first. Don't believe the boy. :p

    That was their first kiss.

    And the rest was history.

    Girl and Boy still talk everyday.

    And has traveled a couple of countries in Asia together.

    For more than 3 years now.

    The distance sucks but there's no one else they'd rather be with.

    Last October 2012, boy proposed to girl.

    Girl said yes. (No death threats involved)

    And they're planning to get married soooon!

    So please hurry, CSC? :D

    A high five to you if you understood our story! :p
    By the way, any k-1 couples in Phoenix, Arizona? :)
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