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Status Updates posted by gwenstar

  1. Passed the medical - yay!!!

  2. no more patience. none.

    1. Harpa Timsah

      Harpa Timsah

      You're almost there!

    2. gwenstar


      Thanks for the words of encouragement Harpa :)

  3. Getting so antsy waiting for the interview to be scheduled.

  4. case complete case complete case complete woooooo

    1. Nonofurbusiness


      Congrats.. . i'm hoping i'll be the next.:)

    2. gwenstar


      thanks! i hope so too. our timelines are so similar. hopefully yours is next week :) it seems like NVC is a little more consistent than USCIS was, which was just all kinds of mess. but looking at saylins chart, generally things look to be going more in order.

  5. Been over a year since petition sent in.... Trying to be patient during this last phase. Frustrated and excited at the same time.

  6. waiting waiting waiting....

  7. antsy about wondering if I sent in everything correctly. guess I will find out. spent waaaaayy too much time today at work meandering through and commenting on posts. lol

  8. oh the waiting game....

  9. snow day - waiting for for my canadian to get here tomorrow. SO EXCITED to see him. Glad we at least get to see each other for our anniversay

  10. 20 business days at NVC....

  11. Feeling kinda of discouraged...I have a friend who got engaged and put in a K-1 visa for his fiancee in Oct - they just got approved today. While I am super stoked for them, it just is frustrating.

  12. NVC has received my case....feeling more hopeful! :)

  13. Time for a break from VJ. I just can't help but feel more and more frustrated with this process.

    1. Kaylara


      I hear ya. I totally hear ya.

  14. Feeling very encouraged about finally seeing some approvals again - so happy for the people getting their NOA2's

  15. Applying for our apartment here in nyc. Was hoping my canadian would have been here by now - but still going ahead with the plan. Gonna have a sweet place to start our lives together :)

  16. 6 month anniversary and 5 months since NOA1. Feeling frustrated and bummed out to be spending this day away from my man.

  17. its always so encouraging to read successful interview and POE posts :)

  18. I was putting together my I-864 in advance while we wait for the NOA2 - realized I had filled an amount out wrong (state figure instead of fed). So today I am choosing to be grateful for the extra time I have to review all my stuff so its perfect when I send in :)

  19. putting my energy into making sure I have everything ready for when we get the NOA2

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