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    In 2004, I was in Ethiopia on business. One morning I was walking around getting some exercise and some young boys started walking with me. As I approached my hotel they directed me to a shop. When I walked in I started talking to a nice young man who told me if I would stop by the follow day that he'd show me some nice antiques.

    When I returned the following day, I met himr. As soon as I walked inside we instantly were attracted to each other. After a few minutes we chatted and I bought some souvenirs. A few days later, we went on our first date.

    We hung out two days before returned to the states. When I left Ethiopia I wasn't sure that to think about my time with him or if I'd ever see him again.

    When he called me the following day I knew that it could be the beginning of something really special. We got to know eacher via email, phone calls and IM. 15 months after my trip to Ethiopia I traveled back to Ethiopia, met his family and married him.

    In 2006, he moved to the US. Let's just say that it didn't work out. My advice to those coming to the US, "
    Do the right thing. Be honest with the US spouse."
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