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  1. In this crazy world, you never know what is going to happen, but your husband shouldn't have a problem.
  2. We filed a 751 Feb 2019 for an expiration in April of 2019. Got a letter in Apr 2019 extending her exp for 18 months. Just got an RFE, and will file response this week, but her card expires Sept, 20. What happens at that point if we don't have a response? Tony G.
  3. My wife went to Colombia (home) in December of last year. She was planning on returning in March. Her green card exp in April of 2019. She had an 18 month extension based on her I751 application. She returned on July 11th on a humanitarian flight. Had exp Green Card and ext letter and no problems getting on the flight or back into the USA. Tony
  4. Just to finish this story. We received his green card. No follow up appointment. Just waited long enough and it arrived.
  5. Ok, wow what a difference a month makes. Just got an I-797 NOA, I485 Application Approval Notice COA: IF2 They didn't reschedule his appointment they just approved him. The only fly in this ointment is the boy is in Colombia, so won't be able, if required, to do a biometric appointment. His advanced parole expired in April of this year. Is it possible to get him back in the country? Tony
  6. I've posted on this topic before, and now it seems my wife and I finally have consensus on how to proceed. My step son is 10 years old, and he had a k2 visa and entered the USA. His mother insisted on returning him to Colombia and so his process was interrupted. We got as far as scheduling an interview and for reasons out side the context of this posting, he was unable to re-enter the country to attend his interview. In the mean time his Advanced Parole, has expired. So I can't bring him back to the USA even if they had rescheduled his interview. His original Interview was in February. I requested a reschedule at that time but have heard nothing from Immigration since then. My understanding is that I need to file a new I-130 for him and start the process all over again. My question is what do I do in the I-130 section 5 the question is " Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?" I answered "Yes" because I applied for my wife and her son previously. I assume I should answer with his information, but I'm not sure what to put for part "5. Result". I don't know what the status is for his original application. Do I need to contact USCIS for help in finding his current status before I file a new, I-130?
  7. Should have put this in the original posting. He’s 10 years old. So time to majority is not an issue.
  8. Let me start this discussion by saying we have made significant errors in our step son's visa process. These errors where completely avoidable, but we made them. I don't want to discuss those errors except in the context of how we can progress. Trust me when I say we've had long and heated discussions about these errors and have beaten that horse to death. If you look back over my history here. You'll see I tried and successfully started the fiance visa process for my current wife and her son. His mother and I got a K1 Visa and entered the country, shortly after we married. As part of that process he got a k2 visa. Over a year later he entered the country on his k2 and we applied, in June, for advanced parole and waited. His mother was upset that he was not going to be able to leave the country to spend Christmas with her mother and she felt he was having problems adjusting to the US. She returned him to Columbia in December, 9 months after his arrival. The following March his advanced parole and work authorization arrived. That summer he returned briefly to the USA while school was out. He then returned to Columbia. In February he was scheduled for his USCIS appointment for his interview. They were unable to enter the US on the flight we had planned because my wife had misplaced their paperwork. I went to the appointment and requested a reschedule. In March his advanced parole, and her initial green card expired. I had already applied for her removal of conditions in April we were notified that her application had been accepted and she had 18 months more on her green card. We have not yet been informed of a subsequent reschedule or denial of the step son's interview. However, even if we get a second interview, he can't enter the country at this point, he has no valid documents. The question is, what to do now. It feels like we have two basic options, but that's just my read of the situation and I'm hardly an expert. 1) Start the I-130 process over again. Get him a new visa. Enter the country on that visa. Go to the interview. This process feels like it will take at least one to two years. 2) I adopt him in Colombia, and start an immigration process based on that adoption. I have no idea how to progress on this path. Though I imagine the first step is to start adoption procedures in Columbia. I have no idea how long this will take. The current state of our world is that we have been married almost 4 years. My wife is currently waiting for her 10 year green card interview. Her son is feeling abandoned and we need to do something to make it clear to him that we are trying to integrate our family and have him with us. Any suggestions?
  9. I called USCIS today and asked about this because the AP expired with the boy out of the country. They suggested I contact the embassy and that they might be able to get a visa in place because he's in a process of getting a green card. Going to figure out if that's possible.
  10. Can an expired advanced parole document be renewed? If so, how does one do that?
  11. He does not have a valid green card. We have filed his adjustment of status paperwork and are waiting on his green card. His mother has her green card and we have filed to have her conditions removed.
  12. Ok, so his advanced parole has expired. What do I do to extend it? Can it be extended? Tony
  13. My step son entered the country about a year after his mother. He has advance parole from adjustment of status and is waiting on his interview. She is in the process of removing the conditions on her green card with an I-751. Her green card has expired and she has gotten the NOA from USCIS that extends her expired green card for 18 months. His advanced parole card expired on the same date as her green card expired. My question is, does the same NOA extend his advanced parole also?
  14. They missed the flight. Since then the documents have been found. Trying to stay calm, and take deep breaths. T
  15. Update: I called about the possibility of rescheduling. The officer who answered said he could put in a request to reschedule, but it was not cerain it would be processed in time to move the interview. He strongly suggested that I go and explain. I did and go my reschedule. No idea when, and this is a one time only event. Miss the next one and our application is denied.
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