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    In April of 2004 I travel to Morocco for a business trip, I met Omar in the riad where I stayed, he worked there. Every afternoon when I finish my business we use to talk for hours, about his family and my family, I found out that the thing that he like are very similar to what i like, he made me feel so confortable, and did so many nice things for me after a whyle I notice that I was looking forgard to talk to him every afternoon, finaly the day for me to comeback came and that is the night he toll me he had some feelings for me. He lost his job because he wasn't supossed to talk to the clients, I was the only guess in the riad and they had no television or telephone so not so much for me to do after coming back from a long day of work, his boss found out that he took me to a public telephone at night so I could call my family here in the States, honey I love you for that, it means so much to me.

    I desided that I wanted to know how he was with his family and I wanted to see the interaction with him and my youngest son, so I travel to Morocco again and the idea that I had abot him was nothing comper to the real Omar. He is so carring, loving, respectful and so many other qualities that not many other men in this part of the world don't have, so we desided to get married, so we got some papers together and I travel back to the States, after I had all my documents ready i whent back to Morocco, on the 9th of September of last year we got married, is been more that one year that I found the love of my life and I'm paying the price for that.

    The last time I visit Omar was for my birthday, this past April.

    Baby your artichoke love you so much, inta habibi,ana ahibak bzaf. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
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