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    I met Oy in Feb 2005 when I took a trip to see the historic sites after I'd made a study of the war in the mid 16th century and Ayuthaya was sacked. My then friendly driver now friend introduced us. Her english was better then my Thai and still is though I really enjoy the language and work at it. She was such a lady, I was amaized at the simularities She and I had in common. Both divorced same year same time, both having a son within a month of eachother now 14 yr olds, we'd also both adopted a daughter. We are near the same age, neither of us were looking for a relationship, we both enjoyed being single parents. We both keep an neat apperance and household and treat everyone with respect or indifference depending on the situation.
    When I returned home I'd found it difficult to say goodbye and we began a phone relationship that became a necessity twice daily call. Five months later I returned to Thailand, I returned again and again. I asked her to marry me after many long discussions about the realities of our extreme distance relationship. I guess you could say I went looking for history and found a future. It's been nearly 1 yr since we last said goodbye at the new airport.
    I wont say goodbye again, hopefully very soon I will be flying with her into my world and I hope it is worthy.

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