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  1. Hi I would like to know on what grounds you can report immigration fraud? Is there a way to report ill intent I-130 petition ? There is not a lot of information on the USCIS website.
  2. I might have made a mistake on the I-130 approval date. I dont have the USCIS case #. So dont know when it was approved. Let's say if the USCIS case approval took a year or so... But the visa just got available now... Those 10 years of waiting don't count under CSPA ? Any other suggestion to find the USCIS case # from the NVC case # ?
  3. I didn't list the I-130 approval date as we never received the USCIS approval letter. However, I can find it out online. Priority date is the NOA1 from USCIS and its showing up on CEAC website. No, 6th Sept 2019 is the date written on the CASE CREATION LETTER sent by the Embassy/NVC. This letter was received in the last week of september. I checked the Visa bulletin F3 case of Jan 2008 became current in Sept 2019. So, yes took 11 years+ for petition to be approved and forwarded to NVC/Embassy for processing. How do I get the CSPA started ? Just email the NVC ?
  4. Hi, I need help in how to start the CSPA proceedings. My aunt got her Immigrant Visa Approval letter from the embassy recently. Her spouse and one kid is showing up on the CEAC website. However, two of the kids are not showing up on the CEAC website as they have crossed 21 years of age. I think they still qualify as they are unmarried and 11 years of petition approval time can be subtracted. Should I add their kids to the CEAC website ? Do I have to file another petition using CSPA for the kids who aged out ? Not sure how to start the process. Thanks Case details below DOB of son: 12th May 1989 DOB of daughter: 29th Dec 1993 Immigration category: F3 Priority date: 21st Jan 2008 Petition Approved: 6th Sept 2019 - (Took 11+ years for the petition to be approved)
  5. Hi, I am looking to get expert opinion from the VJ members. My sister's US Citizenship is in process and we are still waiting for the interview date. Also, her green card has been expired since a year. Now we have to travel in July. We went to the Boston USCIS office to get an I-551 stamp on the passport and they told me that they cannot stamp it if the green card expired is more than 6 months. They told us we have to file a green card renewal and then come back for I-551 stamp. We tried to tell him that my citizenship is in process and I will be the US Citizen in 6-7 months. I don't understand when the citizenship application is in process, how can you apply for green card renewal ? Also, why the N400 receipt or biometric letter is enough for I-551 stamp ? We don't like to hamper the citizenship process, but we really need to travel outside the country in July. Can someone please help ? Should we approach the lawyer for this issue ? Thanks
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