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  1. Ok, So I got a I-747 stating my spouse priority date is July 13 2018, Letter was dated on July 17 2018. She's from Pakistan I am an LPR How to check priority dates and where? Do I have to specifically check a respective country for priority dates. Pardon my ignorance but I am sure people here will not only correct me but help me in the right way.
  2. oops I should have done this way. Can I still do that?
  3. It ain't a debate nor a political arena on FOX or CNN. Disagreement should be in the most polite way. Like I said before, no one in here is a lawyer or an expert on Immigration Issues. Everyone here was new at one point on most of the Immigration issues presented by people. But if anyone has more knowledge than others then simply not to brag about it (It doesn't mean YOU Sir). We all ought to make mistake and I don't assume people give me 100% authentic Info but their views on it. Please keep it simple as it suppose to be and carry on working towards helping people making their Immigration Journey easier. I thank everyone who shared their views on the Issue in hand.
  4. Probabaly by tonight my online n400 application will be submitte. I hope I get done with this soon and pray the same for everyone. Btw friend of mine got his citizenship in 6 months sart to finish. Location is New York.
  5. That's what I think but since the word continuous residency was used so it made me confused. Thank you thou Aleful
  6. I have been a VJer for almost 11 years and all my Immigration journey was done through this site by great People like you. Even until now I really admire how people from all over help each other out genuinely. Anyway here's my question but like always please respond if you know what you are talking about, I greatly appreciate everyone's input but it got to be worth sharing. I became LPR on 12/01/2009 made a trip back home for 18 days in 2010 No trip From May 29 2010 until January 26 2018 Went to Canada for one day on January 26 and return on jan 27 2018 went back home on march 25 and return on april 12 2018 I have been LPR for 8 years 7 months and 12 days as I am writing this post. I am going to file N400 where it says whether I have to be LPR for atleast 5 years or 3 years married to US citizen to apply for N400. I am applying based on 5 years rule. On the other hand it says I have to be physically present in the country for a minimum of 30 months which is equal to 2.5 years. Does it mean my stay out of country for 18 days in total can't let me apply for N400 because I couldn't maintain continuous presence in the country for minimum of 30 months right before filling out N400?. Is this something I completely took it wrong or I am all set to apply for N400? Would appreciate your time in writing back to me.
  7. well I guess I have no other choice but to boost up the numbers in LINE 22, probably got to work extra hours :). Thanks for the tip thou! Question, I have a car, financed it but still doing payments. You think it can be included as an asset?
  8. How can I possibly upgrade my petition after becoming USC? do I have to fill up some sort of extra form. If so what's that form number? I thank you for your reply thou!. 2.5 years killing me, few friends of mine told me that they are LPR and filed for their spouses and they got their visas in 11 months. Two cases I know and they are from New York
  9. so it means as soon as I become USC, she can knock the embassy's door and ask to stamp her passport? Is this correct? cuz I can be a citizen in few months as N400 doesn't take long.
  10. l like I said we speak through personal experiences. I love you all people muah!. I can still see how people are really trying hard to help others as it used to be in the past. I am a VJ member since 2007, but forgot my Old ID that's why I had to make a new one in 2017.