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  1. Ripping the bandaid off and taking the huge step of actually ending it is not going to be easy in any way, shape or form. But your situation now isnt easy either. You may very well find that once the first step is over and done its all a lot easier than you imagined it would be. Dont let your daughter grow up thinking its fine for a man to treat a woman like dog poop.

  2. HI everyone :)

    glad to see most every body is doing alright.

    I am a week into a new job after being unemployed for several months. It feels good to be back in the saddle, and for sure the money is good, but dang I sure got used to sleeping late and hanging with my little girl all day :P

    Now I actually have to PLAN dinner ahead of time LOL

  3. @Steffi - OMG that he was "drunk and drinking beer like daddy". Kids can be SO embarassing. one time I asked my son in public if he wanted a drink of juice and he said "no, I'll have a margarita". hahahhahha

    @Samira - congrats on the new one coming! yay for babies :)

    I cant believe she's almost 3 either. I tried to talk to her about what she wants for a birthday party and all she will tell me is she wants a yellow birthday. "Yewwo." umm, ok......

  4. This morning Adam went downstairs while we were all sleeping and found two suckers. I don't even know where he got them from but he unwrapped them, gave one to the DOG (he shared it with the dog argh) and one to Alile. Allie however managed to fall asleep with the sucker in her bed and woke me up calling me..."Mama....Maaaaamaaaaaaa....I gotta sucker in my hair". Wonderful. Also, Adam tried to feed the dog two bananas and Allie squeezed all the lotion onto the nightstand. All that happened BEFORE we even got up and had breakfast. Halleluja...I'm a wreck sometimes and just want to leave everybody behind..not care about food, clothes, playgroups, mealplans and grocery lists etc...


    I only have one that young and it makes me crazy too, I cant even imagine having two....

  5. I was surprised at first at the way the post can take such a sudden turn into personal attacks or just waste-of-time remarks.

    Until I went back to read the beginning posts of VJ's MENA section while at work. And the tone was absurd.

    Apparently this site attracts not only people who honestly wish to help, but also those who get a rise out of commenting on things just for the sake of knowing that maybe someone read something they had to say.

    It's just unfortunate that those who want help one day can't offer advice to someone else the next. This holier than thou complex really degrades this entire site. There have been many mentions of ageism on the site and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will think twice about things they post from now on. Better to do your own research than to ask unqualified and rude people.

    or you just need to toughen up a little bit. this site is just a slice of life and frankly repressents the 'real world' pretty well. some people are azzholes and some people are truly as sweet as pie. Learn how to let the stupid stuff roll off and I think you will find some genuinely nice and helpful people around here :) Also bear in mind, as I am sure you know, that communication on a message board always leaves something to be desired, sometimes I think posts come across much more harsh than intended because we cant see tone or facial expression or any of that.....

    having said that, there's really no substitute for doing your own research on any subject, as I think you already know :)

  6. Kelly, I think its totally normal to have some anxieties about expanding the family - including just the logistics of it. And in all reality, some things DO change, but in general its all for the best. the inconvenience is so overshadowed by the joy of a new life - but of course you know that. :yes:

    and yes, I totally agree with the food additives conversation. I dont care if it hasnt been medically studied and 'proven', I am convinced there is a lot of scary stuff in our processed foods. I find myself more and more trying to make things at home. yesterday I bought several pounds of tomatoes and made homemade sauce which I froze in small containers. I'm so excited. I think I am going to buy more tomatoes at the next farmers market and do it again.

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