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    Middle 2009 I met our friend first before my future husband Named Alain on BEARSHARE . Which I thought Me and Alain were going to end up being in a relationship we talked a few conversation about it .. But I didn’t Believe In that whole “long distance relationship ” . We just became really good friends.. He would upload pictures of him and his friends , ill always put comments on them . But one day he upload one with my future husband . I was looking through the feedback which said Alain upload a Pic .. I looked at it and it was my future husband. I thought to myself “wow” that guy is sooo attractive I completely fell in love with him. Asking myself who is that handsome man just kept thinking how hot he was . After time I just forgot about it I do remember I was going to ask my friend Alain about him. But it just went through my head lol .. week by week passed by. Alain and I would have conversations he kept convincing me to go to Dominican Republic , but I really didn’t want to I didn’t trust anyone not because of him but the fact to leave by myself I was scared something was going to happened to me.
    8/23/2009 I was Online and I got a request from this guy from Dominican Republic . and I noticed he kept looking at my page I tryd to ignored it but I said to myself I can’t be mean .. So I added him and while the request went through he started talking to me and I lookd at his picture and I thought to myself , He looks so familiar HMMMM :/ ( It wasn’t a good picture) We started talking and he kept trying to flirt .. At that stage of situation I wasn’t feeling the moment to be with someone. I have just gotten done with a really bad relationship . I wasn’t looking for a relationship so I pushed him away.. He kept wanting a relationship with me . He kept trying to figure out why I wouldn’t give him a chance . I really didn’t want to tell him the story why ,so I told him that I didn’t believe in Long Distance Relationships .. From then I thought he would be like fine, so he would leave me alone. (felt like Crap for saying that to him ) He said I don’t want to hurt you .. Let’s have more communication?!?! I said sure why not . He asked for my Hotmail address.. I remember him tellin me it would be easier for him because he wasn’t used to using BEARSHARE! It was getting late he added me and I had to go…. Week later….
    8/29/09 I turned on my computer and left my computer on. I remember that night I went out with a close friend. Came home, Logged on my messager all I heard was (Ringing) noise .. I thought It was a friend trying to get a hold of me and by time I Looked, It was him! He left me all these sweet caring loving messages (40)on my messager.. My friend asked me who is that. I told him it was this random guy and I told him how he is trying to hit on me. My friend told me “give the guy a chance maybe it could be your true love”.. I laughed and said to myself imagine me going all the way over there just to goo see him>!>!>!>!> “hell no” My friend kept insisting so I told him okay ill talk to him.. That night I was checking myspace.. *I got nudge* It was him!! He said to me “what is it with me am I not your type?”’am I too Ugly”? I said now your not!! And he respond.. Im going to put my camara! I said. really for what? I want you to see me! At that very moment I was like this guy is going to be butt naked!! :/ I did’nt put my cam on.. I didn’t trust him!!..
    In that instant I notice who he was it was that same guy of the picture.. I felt my heart stoped for a moment when he said “hola” “ que lo que” My heart just dropped and my whole personality and my whole sad heart was filled with big smiles! He asked me to put on the camera so I did.. we chatted up to 4 hours just talking smiling and laaughing.. I would say it wAs the best feeling ever felt and that night at 8/30/09 2:30 He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes I really dnt know why I excepted it. it just felt right!!! From then it Became History!!!
    8/30/10 Went to a Private Resort in Punta Cana meet in person the first time!!!! Go Engaged 
    8/23/11: Flew on his birthday 8/30/11 GOT MARRIED! Honey Moon In Samana Thanks to DAD.. Met the Whole Familia
    8/22/12 Flew for his Birthday and One year Anniversary .
    Estimate time Jan- March 2013 hubby comes home!!!

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