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    We are getting married in Brizzy on the 4th Aug this year (2006). I'm born and bred in Bris and all my rellies are here so we decided that trying to fly them all over to the US would be a nightmare and my fiance has a smaller family so we are flying them out here for it. I'm excited, but pretty stressed at the moment as I'm trying to plan the whole wedding (with the help of friends/family- gotta love em!) and I'm also working and studying part-time too! So spare time is rather scarce atm, but am enjoying all the planning so far!

    Theron and I met 4 1/2 yrs ago at a bar in Brizzy! (how embarrassing ) Who ever thought you could find a decent guy in a pub in Brizzy?! Obviously he had to be a foreigner! He was out here with friends on a working holiday and we started dating. He left Oz 5 months later and I was devastated (even though I knew it was coming!) and we decided to try the "long-distance" thing, and I guess it worked! We travelled back and forth to each other for the past 4 years (expensive r'ship!) and we managed to keep a record of no longer than 3months apart from each other that whole time, which I think is pretty good! I've been a student that whole time, so Theron was keen for me to finish uni before we decided to take the plunge into marriage! We are both pretty young (me-22, theron-27) so we weren't in any hurry, but we miss each other too much, so on christmas eve last year he proposed to me on top of the Colorado National Monument (lives in Grand Junction, CO) and it was super romantic! I'm actually back at uni studying another degree now and he has a good stable job over in the US so we decided that I would move there to be with him so I can complete my studies over there while he works. But we both have our hearts set on returning to Oz one day to start a family and raise them here. But I've gotta get through the next 5 months before I can start thinking about things like that!!!

    But I'm not as excited as I wish I could be- we decided that it was too expensive to fly him out to Oz now before the wedding (as he will be out here a few weeks beforehand and after while the visa is sorted) so I haven't seen him since I left the US in Jan and won't see him until July, right before we marry! Longest time we have ever been apart! But I guess we have something to look forward to- never being apart again, so if I have to suffer the next 5 months it will all be worth it in the end! (assuming the visa is granted!) I know people go much longer apart than we will have to, so I really shouldn't complain!!!

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