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  1. Yes my daughter is still minor and she was automatically granted US citizenship but i never applied for her US passport since we dont need it that time. And i never knew the embassy needs it since she is a minor. We finally got her a US passport last month and as soon as they told me they need it i sent it right away through email. We are not acquiring PH passport i just needed a dual citizenship because of a property that was bought in PH. They will not approve us for bank loan unless i provide Dual certificate.
  2. Has anyone submitted application for dual citizenship in Washington that can enlighten me on how long is the process for this? I received a text message that they have received my paperworks and will update me this was April 19. I emailed several times and finally I messaged in FB and told them how frustrating it is to wait not getting any response. This guy named Joey from Washington finally called me and was upset that I kept of following up and actually lied that i have been left messages and I don’t reply back? Then he said he needed my daughters US passport. If i knew that this whole time then I could’ve given it to them. So I sent the copy of my daughters US passport on July 16 and again no updates. I didn’t even know if he received it since he is not replying to my emails. This is getting me really upset. I feel like I’m being pushed to the side.
  3. Still waiting. Tried calling several times with no success. Does dual citizenship really takes this long?
  4. I do not have invoice ID number, like what i said I haven’t received anything yet
  5. What does this mean? Please follow the instructions you received from the National Visa Center (NVC) that list the six steps you must take before NVC can schedule your visa interview appointment. This includes submitting to NVC various fees, forms and documents. Once NVC has received all the required items, they will let you know if anything is missing or incomplete. You can also find these instructions online at http://nvc.state.gov (English) and http://nvc.state.gov/espanol (Spanish). You will find contact information for NVC at http://nvc.state.gov/ask. i never receive anything regarding 6 steps.
  6. Do i have to go to Washington DC for the oath?
  7. I sent my application for Philippine dual citizenship in Washington DC. I received a text saying the application was received and they will contact me soon. Its been a month and have not heard anything. How long does this usually takes?
  8. Please post any updates on this priority date, Philippines. Thank you
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