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    We met on a penpal website. He was visiting here in Seattle on a student visa to study English. I was just about to delete that penpal website and then I saw a little red notification number pop up on my screen. It was a message from him and as I read it, it said how he'd like someone to practice English with. I decided to just go for it and meet him and little did I know that we'd hit it off so well and get along so well and how comfortable we'd be together....After that first day of meeting and all of those nerves and shy moments, he asked me on a date! And so the story goes.... eventually he had to leave as his visa finished and we started our journey of the K1 Visa. We finally got approved around end of May and he came here in June of 2013. We married July 2, 2013 and now we are on the journey of getting him citizenship. *^^* When times get hard, don't give up and just keep pushing forward. It's all worth it in the end, trust me.
    UPDATE: We are currently in the process of completing his N-400.

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  1. Hello! We are in the process of applying for citizenship for my husband. He is from South Korea and had served his mandatory two years of military service back in 2009 (before we were even married). We marked the necessary boxes on the N-400 regarding him having military and weapons training and also wrote an explanation. Does this explanation sound good enough or is it too short? "In South Korea, it is mandatory by law for all adult men to serve two years of military service (excluding those with health or religious limitations). I completed my two years of service in April 2009 to February 2011 and was assigned as a medic two months into my service until the end of my service. As a medic, I worked alongside a doctor and helped treat any minor injuries on soldiers and helped the doctor make medicine for soldiers. I completed volunteer service in the local town to help seniors as well. I was also trained on first aid and CPR. In reference to part 12, question 19, I received two months of weapons training with a K2 at the beginning of my service and then received training on the M-16, which was what I trained with for the rest of my time in the military. All soldiers are required to train with these weapons." We are also planning on including a copy of his Military Discharge card, but it is all in Korean. We were planning on just translating it on the same document that he used to explain his military service. Would that be okay? Do we need to find someone to "officially" translate the card? Do we even need to provide a copy of the discharge card? Thank you!
  2. Hello! We are currently filling out the N-400 for my husband and we are confused on whether we should put 1 for number of children or 0. I am currently 4 months pregnant so most likely by the time the N-400 gets processed I’ll have given birth. We have no other children besides the little one in my tummy.
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