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  1. I am so excited and cant even wait to go home to update this, so sitting here at the parking lot. I passed my interview and my ceremony is next Thursday, on my birthday. That's one hell of a birthday gift!. 🤗 Good luck to everyone waiting!.
  2. I am. Filed in February. Had my biometrics March and my interview is next Thursday.
  3. Looking for some insight on this. Young kid mid twenties, goes to school and work, not tons of savings trying to apply for tourist visa. Has a letter of invitation from aunt (a permanent resident) stating that she is assuming all costs. However this kid's mom is in the US undocumented, came with a B2 and overstayed. So my questions are 1. I know we should not lie on any immigration forms so for the DS 160 where it asks info about parents.. how to proceed with that? Including is your mother in the US ? 2. If honest with his mom in the US, would this jeopardize his visa application as well? 3. If honest, would they dig about the Mom ? or would they focused on his intentions and not his Mom's situation? ... at the end its his application not his mama. Please not judgements, we all know some undocumented people for once in our lives. Thanks for your help!
  4. May 2, 2019 "We scheduled your interview"... I can't see when yet!!!! Exciting
  5. I am not in NY but mines says August 2019. So pretty much 6 months since applied.
  6. What's that mean? I mean, fine with me. My only concern is that I don't want it to be incomplete, for missing a bunch of "fingers". It would delay the process plus this office it's 2 hours away from home.
  7. Completed biometrics today. Found it really weird that the lady only took the prints of four fingers from right hand. I remember years ago for the green card it was both hands ALL fingers including thumbs.
  8. How long did it take the bio app letter to arrive after status changed online? I was on vacation and just logged in to check status and says in February 16 we scheduled you for a biometrics appointment and mailed you an appointment notice. It doesn't say when the app is and no letter yet.
  9. That was the original visa. Her visa was canceled upon entry when CBP interviewed her and got all the details. Her visa wasn't invalid due to falling out of status. Visa didn't determine her status, her SEVIS and I 20 did.
  10. There are a few exceptions under that law for someone to accrue unlawful presence. She applied for reinstatement in a timely manner(within a month after she fell out of status. You would have up to 5months) THEN it was approved. See the screenshot. We have contacted a lawyer now because we are thinking that CBP just made a mistake. New I 20 was issued in October 2018 when her reinstatement was approved.
  11. How far out are they scheduling biometrics? I sent my application on 2/8 and will be out of the country for two weeks. I hope I don't get schedule too soon.
  12. She violated her status by accumulated many absences, yes. But she applied for reinstatement and it was approved, WHILE she stayed here STUDYING. She was advised to stay here and NOT to leave. Well, by not leaving, now she has unlawful presence. Something that we weren't made aware of.
  13. You filed 2/8 and got biometrics scheduled for the next day?
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