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  1. mezamo

    Denied entry under F1

    That was the original visa. Her visa was canceled upon entry when CBP interviewed her and got all the details. Her visa wasn't invalid due to falling out of status. Visa didn't determine her status, her SEVIS and I 20 did.
  2. mezamo

    Denied entry under F1

    There are a few exceptions under that law for someone to accrue unlawful presence. She applied for reinstatement in a timely manner(within a month after she fell out of status. You would have up to 5months) THEN it was approved. See the screenshot. We have contacted a lawyer now because we are thinking that CBP just made a mistake. New I 20 was issued in October 2018 when her reinstatement was approved.
  3. How far out are they scheduling biometrics? I sent my application on 2/8 and will be out of the country for two weeks. I hope I don't get schedule too soon.
  4. mezamo

    Denied entry under F1

    She violated her status by accumulated many absences, yes. But she applied for reinstatement and it was approved, WHILE she stayed here STUDYING. She was advised to stay here and NOT to leave. Well, by not leaving, now she has unlawful presence. Something that we weren't made aware of.
  5. You filed 2/8 and got biometrics scheduled for the next day?
  6. Hello there. Looking for some input or advice. Longggg post! My niece was here on F1, fell out of status in June 2017 (for missing too many classes). She was advised by school to apply for reinstatement and not to leave during that..She applied for reinstatement in July 2017 and continue being a full time student, even in summer. Fast forward to May 2018, she got a RFE and school helped her with a letter of support. Fast forward to October 2018 her reinstatement got approved, school issued a new I-20. In December she went home for Christmas and returned in January before classes. She was denied entry based on "unlawful presence ' and her visa was canceled, sent to a detention center for the night and sent home the next day. (I felt terrible she is only 19 ) So has anyone heard of anything like that? I've read everywhere that you dont accrue unlawful presence if you apply for reinstatement within 4 months after falling out of status AND is approved. School hasn't been very helpful. So we are trying to understand WHY. Maybe the school didn't do something they should have with her SEVIS. We know she needs to apply for another visa but we need to be prepared before going to the embassy. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  7. I sent my N -400 today. Adding myself to this chain. 🤞
  8. I know this has been discussed a gazillion times here. I want to know what documents I need to send along with the application based on 5 year residency. Note : not what documents to bring to the interview. Thanks in advance!