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  1. just getting used to being on VJ

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    2. velrich


      It is more interesting than FB!

    3. Lanke


      @Dana and Divine, sorry I am just replying u. Am a beneficiary. Waiting can be frustrating and what I read abt vsc on here is not really encouraging lol. I pray for GOD's divine speed and for there to be no rfe. Myself and fiancee ve two kids together, the kids answer my surname but we haven't been able to meet again since 2008 cos I got laid off the bank I was working in 2009 hence am a lil worried abt the 2yr clause. She stated the fact that we have kids together on the K1 form thou...

    4. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      You've got to fill in this timeline sweets so we can help you figure out where you need to go next and what you need to do. I sent you an inbox message. Also, you're the beneficiary...are you male or female?

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